Stay Compliant & Save Time on EMS Program Accreditation

Learn how PowerStandards, an accreditation management system, can support auditing and monitoring compliance at your EMS agency.

October 3, 2022

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The problem: Manually updating policies and SOPs

To achieve accreditation, you must keep all compliance policies and procedures updated to meet EMS standards. But doing this with manual, paper-based processes that are highly disorganized requires time and energy you don’t have. Instead of using limited resources to ensure your policies align with an accrediting body’s standards, you waste hours searching for paperwork in filing cabinets and abandoned desk drawers. Once you finally find all the right documentation, you spend even more time reviewing accreditation standards to see where policy changes are required. 

After you finally make updates, your EMS agency can’t even ensure all staff have reviewed and acknowledged policy changes. Since you don’t have streamlined communication channels built into your policy management process, it’s easy for staff to miss out on this vital information and accidentally refer to outdated documents. These knowledge gaps lead to improperly trained EMS staff and noncompliance with critical SOPs. This increases liability risk, impedes emergency medical service delivery, and makes it impossible to attain EMS program accreditation.

The solution: Compliance management system software 

PowerStandards by PowerDMS makes auditing and monitoring compliance a cinch. Because PowerDMS partners with more than 60 state and national accrediting bodies and manages over 250 standards manuals, you’re always kept up to speed on the latest EMS standards. 

Rather than shuffling through physical papers, you can upload your policies, procedures, or other proofs of compliance (like documents, videos, and images) into the system. Then, link your agency’s policies to specific standards and receive automatic alerts whenever an accrediting body makes an update so you can quickly check to see if any policy changes are needed. This accreditation management system also archives outdated documents according to your agency’s records management policies, so staff have access to only the most up-to-date information. 

Additionally, PowerStandards automates policy reviews by sending reminders whenever it’s time to review or update documentation. You can create one-time or recurring tasks associated with individual standards to ensure accreditation is an ongoing process. This includes assigning standards to employees so they can upload narratives and evidence of compliance. These tasks appear directly in their employee to-do list and PowerDMS inbox, so everyone knows what’s expected from them every step of the way. 

The benefits of an accreditation management system

PowerDMS’s accreditation management system modernizes outdated processes and saves your valuable resources. In contrast to a manual, paper-based process, PowerStandards helps you prepare for accreditation assessments 50% faster and saves $11k on paper and printing costs – not to mention the immense savings from reduced staff labor. 

Above and beyond these savings, health EMS software enables you to feel peace of mind. PowerStandards keeps all your documents up-to-date so you can hold staff accountable to the latest accreditation standards. In doing so, EMS employees can keep themselves and their community safe, and your agency can achieve well-deserved accreditation. 

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