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October 3, 2022

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The problem: Inconsistent training jeopardizes EMS responder safety

Emergency medical services responders regularly face severe and distressing circumstances as part of their duty to keep communities healthy and safe. When responding to these events, it’s also critical to support responder safety so EMS staff are not at further risk in the field. These are important elements of proper emergency medical services training and guidance, which provide the tools EMS staff need to successfully perform their jobs. 

Unfortunately, EMS Training Officers often struggle to oversee their training and ensure staff are prepared to keep responders safe during emergency responses. Too many EMS districts still rely on manual, paper-based systems and Excel spreadsheets to manage their EMS training program, which are inefficient and disorganized. Agencies spend needless hours tracking trainee progress and completing the necessary documentation, wasting limited staff time and resources.

Laborious and disorganized paper systems make it difficult to keep training and evaluation consistent for all EMS trainees, trainers and programs. In addition, EMS Training Officers can’t determine whether – and what – improvements are needed to improve training effectiveness. This can result in inconsistent training practices among staff and leave trainees without a complete understanding of the emergency paramedic and 911 EMT training requirements. Not only does this make it hard to support accountability and compliance among staff – ultimately, EMS agencies can end up with undertrained, under-performing staff who put the safety of both themselves and others at risk.

The solution: EMS training software

PowerReady is PowerDMS’s EMS training software that centralizes and standardizes probationary EMS training, allowing Training Officers to oversee their entire EMS training program to ensure consistency and staff comprehension.

Easy accessibility

The PowerReady digital training management system allows you to maintain all emergency medical services training information in one accessible, cloud-based location that staff can access 24/7. EMS Training Officers and staff can view trainee information and progress at any time, from any digital device and operating system.

Automated notifications

With PowerReady, Training Officers can also automate the onboarding process and probationary training programs by assigning tasks to individuals, groups, or departments. This enables streamlined communications with trainees so they don’t fall behind on assignments or miss a deadline.

Insightful training data

PowerReady's easy-to-use interface for tracking and analyzing performance lets you monitor up-to-date data. Dashboards and reports show trainee progress, trainer effectiveness, and areas that need more attention. EMS Training Officers can also gather trainee data for performance reviews and receive notifications to review daily observation reports (DORs), forms, and low-performance reports.

The benefits of emergency medical services software

PowerReady helps EMS Training Officers build a consistently high-performing team using effective onboarding and advancement training and performance evaluation tools. Your agency can uphold accountability with training requirements and mitigate risk in the field by ensuring staff are up-to-date on responder safety training, demonstrate comprehension, and can easily access important resources. This supports improved citizen, paramedic, and EMT safety during emergency response situations.

EMS Training Officers can also use PowerReady to close probationary training gaps and improve EMS training by making informed, data-driven decisions based on data insights. With tools to monitor training completion, DORs, and trainer evaluations, you can identify low-performance trends quickly and revise your training program to resolve them.

Ultimately, centralized training and automated processes save EMS agencies time and resources. Rather than administering laborious training procedures or compiling training information by hand, you can focus on providing high-quality emergency medical services with complete confidence in your EMS training program.

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