Streamline EMS Record Management with Training Documentation Software

Learn how EMS documentation software improves the efficiency and accessibility of your EMS training and records processes in one centralized platform.

October 3, 2022

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The problem: Excessive EMS training documentation

Emergency medical services staff undergo a lot of training that requires a lot of documentation. This produces a large amount of work, especially when done manually, including printing and distributing training materials, storing employee records in binders, and writing daily observation reports (DORs) by hand.

Many EMS providers still use paper-based training programs and store all their employee training documentation in filing cabinets and Excel spreadsheets. But EMS Training Officers who use these manual systems can’t easily oversee trainee program completion, keep track of training documents, and make updates or changes to records. What’s more: manual systems are time-consuming, inefficient, and expensive. A paper-and-binder process can cost your agency thousands of dollars per employee – and since most EMS districts are already operating with limited time and resources, they struggle to effectively maintain EMS training documentation.

Without an organized system for your training records, EMS Training Officers also struggle to hold staff accountable for full comprehension of their training, which increases risk to the agency and community if staff are not well-informed. It doesn’t help that manual training processes also regularly result in lost paper documents and pose a compliance risk if you can’t prove staff completed all the required EMS training. Similarly, under-trained staff are prone to mistakes and complacency when providing life-saving services, putting citizens at risk and threatening the agency’s reputation if there is a liability issue.

The solution: EMS documentation software

PowerReady by PowerDMS simplifies employee training documentation and tracking by automating processes and streamlining communications in a centralized system. With this EMS documentation software, agencies can manage probationary training programs in a single, cloud-based location that can be accessed 24/7 from any digital device. This allows trainees to easily keep up with tasks and deadlines; lets trainers more effectively log calls, objectives, and EMS employee evaluations into reports; and enables Training Officers to track training progress.

In PowerReady, Training Officers can also automate onboarding and probationary EMS training processes to streamline training management and save time. Easily communicate with trainees and new hires by assigning tasks to individuals, groups, or departments and setting task notification reminders when a deadline is approaching. Plus, PowerReady allows you to create customized workflows based on your specific EMS training goals, with the ability to set standardized measurements for success.

The PowerReady training record management with documentation software's easy-to-use interface lets supervisors track EMS training results and analyze your training programs. Training Officers can use dashboards and reports to view training progress reports, trainer effectiveness, and areas that need attention. Additionally, the system ensures you stay aware of training needs with alerts about low-performing reports and other items that require in-depth review. What’s more, you’ll save time and frustration by quickly pulling all staff training records directly from PowerReady to show who completed the required EMS training for audits and compliance needs.

The benefits of training documentation software

When managing the excessive documentation required for EMS training, emergency medical services agencies can experience great benefits by leveraging training documentation software. For one, PowerReady saves time on documentation and training management for Training Officers and trainers. Streamlined communication with trainees keeps them on track with their training tasks and enables Training Officers to easily find and review DORs and evaluations. Plus, using a centralized training management system reduces the paper and printing costs that come with paper-based processes.

PowerReady’s automated training workflows also make training and documentation more efficient without requiring additional effort from staff. And the system’s dashboards and filtering features for pulling targeted data and reports greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to compile important training information about staff. This helps uphold accountability and compliance across your entire agency to provide excellent services by ensuring responders meet training requirements. Ultimately, you can mitigate risk and protect your EMS agency with PowerReady’s training documentation and management solutions.

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