Centralized Policy Management for All Your ECC Operations

Struggling to manage the technology policies associated with your emergency communications center operations? PowerPolicy can help.

October 3, 2022

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The problem: Maintaining policies for operations with 9-1-1 technology

Today's 911 technology helps make your emergency communications center workflow more efficient and improves your ability to quickly respond to emergencies. But this updated technology also brings ever-evolving policies, procedures, and best practices to ensure proper operations. Now, you’re finding it difficult to update ECC policies and communicate changes to staff. 

While advancements to 911 center software improve service provision, the policies that accompany them introduce new emergency communications center problems. Besides managing the technology itself, ECC staff must also create, update, and distribute the policies and procedures that ensure proper operations of tech like reverse 911 and smart 911. This includes training new hires on emergency communications center technology solutions during onboarding, as well as ensuring existing staff stay up-to-date as best practices change. 

As agencies struggle to maintain 911 center staffing and deal with other limited resources, completing these tasks can seem like a gargantuan feat. Your organization simply doesn’t have sufficient resources to effectively manage its technology solutions without automated processes in place. While staff struggle to juggle endless to-dos, the productivity and efficiency of your organization suffers – as does your ability to collaborate with stakeholders and provide high levels of service to your community.

The solution: 9-1-1 center software 

PowerPolicy, a 911 center software by PowerDMS, helps emergency communication centers manage policies and procedures by providing a central repository with unlimited storage. You can use this repository to track, update, and manage all the file types and versions of your 911 technology policies and ensure your staff always have access to these important documents. 



Version Control and Auto Archiving

Ensures only the most recent version of a policy is available for viewing

Document tags and indexing for full-text search (plus Google Search Console integration)

Allows users to locate documents in your indexed system or through Google searches


Link policy memos, correspondence, reference documents, and other related policies to eliminate the need for additional searches


Staff are notified of a new revision by receiving a task in their to-do list, an email alert, and a mobile alert

Your ECC can also use PowerPolicy to communicate policy updates to staff. Whenever your agency makes changes to a previously-signed policy, you can send automated notifications and prompt employees to sign the updated version. The system even allows staff to view a side-by-side comparison of the old and new policy versions for a clear understanding of the changes. Additionally, staff can use PowerDMS’s mobile app to access policies and complete tasks on the go.

PowerPolicy’s customizable workflow tools also improve collaboration both internally and externally. This 911 center software automates review and approval workflows so tasks are efficiently routed to each employee. You can also use PowerPolicy’s access control feature to manage individual user permissions and ensure each employee views critical information for their role. Additionally, you can review a document’s audit trail to see a complete history of all activity, including: 

  • Any changes made to the document 
  • Review/approval comments and status
  • Signature history
  • Who has read, signed, edited, and approved each version of a document

The best part? PowerDMS’s dedicated customer success and implementation teams install these easy-to-use solutions for your agency. In other words, this software solution doesn’t require any additional staff time or resources, freeing up time for your ECC to focus on the important task of effective emergency call response.

The benefits of centralized policy management 

PowerDMS’s centralized policy management tool and mobile app enables your organization to collaborate digitally using automated workflows and provides employees with 24/7 access to the policies and procedures telecommunicators need – exactly when they need them. By consolidating policy and procedure document management, your agency can update policies 4x faster and save $11k on the paper and printing costs associated with policy management. 

Because PowerPolicy is a cloud-based system, your organization can also keep policy and procedure documents accessible and up-to-date even as leadership and staff change. All of this is accomplished without the need for any extra resources, making PowerPolicy the perfect solution for agencies tight on budget. 

Get started 

If you’re ready to learn more about how PowerPolicy can support your emergency communications center technology solutions with centralized policy management, schedule a no-obligation demo today. 

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