How we help 9-1-1 dispatch

Working behind the scenes, the heroes serving in ECCs provide vital services without the same recognition as other public safety professionals.

October 3, 2022

How we help 9-1-1 dispatch

Emergency Communications face some of the most unique challenges in all of public safety. Working behind the scenes, the heroes serving in ECCs provide vital services without the same recognition as other public safety professionals.

Despite often being the first point of contact for citizens in crisis, in many states, dispatchers are still not classified as first responders. Facing high stress, low recognition, and lesser benefits than other professionals working in public safety, dispatchers are especially prone to high turnover rates. 

At PowerDMS,  we recognize that telecommunicators are the lifeline before boots-on-the-ground support arrives. You are “the first, first responders.” We recognize the right technology can ease the burden faced by ECCs, helping directors meet their objectives and dispatchers sustain long and productive careers. 

Since 2001, we’ve been providing specialized software solutions for public safety professionals across the country. Our public safety workforce management system offers comprehensive support for 9-1-1, including attracting and retaining top talent, scheduling, staff training, citizen engagement, and policy and accreditation management. 

ECCs are naturally tech-heavy environments, making PowerDMS’s all-in-one platform especially beneficial. Instead of managing multiple systems from different vendors, PowerDMS gives you everything you need in one integrated platform. Get the benefits without the IT headache. 

Whether your ECC is urban or rural, large or small, standalone, or an extension of law enforcement, fire, or EMS, you have SLAs to meet and staff to manage. PowerDMS is here to help. 

Use our solutions to recruit, train, and retain a high-performing and dedicated staff. Avoid low morale and burnout with comprehensive scheduling and positive community feedback. Simplify compliance with streamlined accreditation and policy management solutions. Standardize training to keep staff compliant with customizable options specific to your needs. 

There’s a better way to get the most out of your software, and your staff, and it’s with PowerDMS.

How organizations attempt to solve these problems

The goal of every ECC is to keep responders safe, ensure excellent service for citizens and public safety agencies, and retain a high-performing team. But many still attempt to accomplish this with time-consuming manual processes, scattered resources, and technology solutions that require excessive management for minimum reward. 

In a world where standard operating procedures and policies change constantly, the expectations of first responders are only increasing while retaining staff is getting more difficult. The right software solutions have become a modern necessity. Relying on outdated methods can expose your ECC to litigation, labor disputes, damaged reputation, federal oversight, and high staff turnover. 

With many ECCs operating with limited staff, it’s more important than ever to ease the burden placed on dispatchers and call-takers and provide them with support to maintain healthy and productive careers. 

PowerDMS provides easy-to-use solutions, designed with input from active public safety professionals, all from one centralized workforce platform.  

The PowerDMS Difference:


Replace error-prone and time-consuming manual scheduling processes with a digitized system. Ensure minimum staffing requirements are met and that your ECC is properly staffed for every shift. 

  • 24/7 scheduling capability with shift swaps and real-time updates
  • Easily search, store, and export payroll reports 

Staff training

Centralize and standardize training resources in one easy-to-access location. Know that everyone across your organization is held to the same standard with easy ways to track and document training. 

  • Protect your ECC from liability with consistent training practices
  • Eliminate time-consuming manual tasks for your supervisors

Policy and accreditation management

Intuitive search tools make it easy to find exactly what you need quickly and easily. Built-in electronic signature tracking lets you prove without a shadow of a doubt that staff have seen and signed the most recent policy changes. 

  • Easy-to-use admin tools with no need for IT involvement
  • Host, distribute, and track training courses online, saving you thousands in overtime costs

Caller engagement 

Boost staff morale and retention by giving citizens a chance to show their appreciation to your call-takers and dispatchers. Use our citizen engagement tool to automate feedback, measure citizen satisfaction, and build trust in your community. 

  • Keep citizens informed with personalized updates
  • Display positive feedback in real-time to boost staff morale

How we help you

PowerDMS will benefit every level of your ECC. From ECC directors at the peak of their careers to newly recruited telecommunicators, to seasoned telecommunicators and shift supervisors, the PowerDMS product suite provides cohesive support that makes your entire operation run more smoothly. 

ECC directors – eliminate time-consuming manual processes with solutions that help recruit and hire staff, automate training, ensure compliance, and protect your ECC from liability.  

With many telecommunicators facing low morale and susceptibility to burnout, automated citizen engagement tools not only provide traditionally unrecognized staff with a morale boost but also ensure you’re meeting the needs of the communities you serve. 

Inundated with technology? Centralize your solutions with PowerDMS. With one interconnected system, you can streamline policy management, scheduling, training, and automate manual callbacks.

Shift supervisors – Managing the schedules of your personnel just got a lot easier. With our complete personnel scheduling tool, you can ensure minimum staffing, avoid skill gaps on shift, and easily manage shift swaps and time-off requests. For those operating with limited staff, being able to automate schedule changes and communicate critical updates quickly and easily will free up valuable time and resources. 

QA/Training managers – keeping staff properly trained on policies, procedures, and technology is a major challenge, especially if you’re operating with limited staff. With the ability to centralize, standardize, and customize training, you can rest assured every level of your staff have the trained skills to deliver consistently high-quality service. 

How can we help your 9-1-1 Center?

Standalone ECCs

9-1-1 telecommunicators are often the first point of contact for citizens in crisis, but citizen engagement rarely goes beyond that first interaction. PowerEngage automates your connection to citizens, boosting both citizen satisfaction and staff morale. Keep citizens informed and allow them to show appreciation for your staff. Positive feedback can be displayed in your ECC and also sent directly to staff with weekly emails to provide these often unrecognized heroes with a morale boost. 

Many ECCs share the misconception that in order to achieve accreditation, you need to hire additional staff. Not with the help of PowerDMS. Our platform simplifies compliance-related tasks so your current staff can pursue and achieve accreditation the easier way.

ECCs in law enforcement agencies

With many agencies facing budget cuts and fewer resources, PowerDMS helps you do more with less. 

Instead of using staff to complete time-consuming manual processes like collecting signatures or updating policies, use PowerPolicy to free them up for more critical tasks. PowerPolicy updates policies 4x faster than traditional paper-based processes and ensures your documents are safe, secure, and accessible in a single location.

PowerTime saves you time, and labor, and ensures minimum staffing requirements are met by streamlining your personnel scheduling and replacing time-consuming manual processes. 

PowerFTO centralizes and standardizes staff training to ensure your team remains compliant and consistently provides the same high level of service. 

ECCs in EMS and fire departments

PowerDMS saves you time and money on policy administration, personnel scheduling, training, and more, so you can invest your resources in what you care about most – ensuring you dispatch appropriate resources within mandated times and protect the communities you serve. 

PowerPolicy and PowerStandards help you reduce department liability and protect your staff by keeping everyone informed and compliant. Map proofs of compliance to standards manuals and get auto-notified of all impacted policies when new standards are published.

With an admin dashboard and reporting, PowerDMS equips shift supervisors to hold staff accountable and recognize areas for improvement. Create a center-wide culture of compliance, accountability, and high performance. 

Every PowerDMS product is designed to offer maximum support and assist your ECC in operating more efficiently. With a living connection between our solutions, you can eliminate the need for multiple systems and use one platform to meet today’s challenges. 

ECCs across the country use PowerDMS to recruit, train, equip, and protect staff across their careers. We have data to back up the benefits we claim, including:

  • Update policies four times faster using PowerDMS
  • Save thousands of dollars in overtime costs by hosting training online
  • Reduce accreditation prep time by up to 50%
  • Protect your ECC from costly wrongful termination lawsuits
  • Decrease printing and paper costs by thousands of dollars
  • Prepare for an onsite assessment in less than 6 months

What partnering with us means for you

Risk mitigation

Noncompliance is a liability, and it could lead to fines, lawsuits, and/or distrust in the community. By using our document management tools, you create a culture of accountability and transparency and reduce instances of noncompliance. 

With PowerDMS you can track audit trails, create workflows, pull reports, and set up automation for reviewing policies, sending reminders, running reports, and more. These tools and features stand in the gap between you and risk.

Improved staff morale

Good staff morale reduces turnover, helps staff avoid burnout, and ensures a high-functioning ECC.

With PowerEngage, you can collect citizen feedback with automatic surveys after an interaction. With an impressive 50% survey response rate (5 times the average), this positive feedback goes directly to staff and gets displayed on ECC screens to boost morale. 

Simple implementation and ongoing support

PowerDMS products follow a simple, guided implementation process consisting of five phases. Throughout this process, you’ll receive guided support every step of the way. 

To ensure success, you’ll be assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager at the beginning of the onboarding process. They will serve as your primary contact at PowerDMS and act as your general liaison, helping you with any escalations, continued growth, and use of the platform. 

During implementation, an Implementation Consultant will learn your goals and create an onboarding plan with your internal team. Your Implementation Consultant will help you with training, uploading documents, importing users, and more, all customized to fit your agency’s needs.

Maintenance-free solutions, designed for you

PowerDMS is a cloud-based platform, which means software updates are pushed automatically without requiring downtime. We provide more than 99.95% uptime with a 0.04 second server response rate. In fact, we’re the only industry solution that publicly displays our system status

PowerDMS is user-friendly and designed to be easily managed. You don’t need IT knowledge to customize and configure the system to fit your ECC. Our intuitive interface was designed for public safety professionals like you. Day in and day out, you can easily manage the platform yourself without IT involvement.

Integration with your preferred tools

PowerPolicy integrates with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneDrive, and Google Drive. When switching to PowerDMS you can use the editing tools you already love and trust because they integrate seamlessly with our platform. It’s one less thing to worry about.

Secure data

We live in a world of data security risks. Without top-notch security measures in place, security breaches and data leaks are a threat. Municipalities, and by extension public safety agencies, are increasingly being targeted in malware attacks. Durham PD in North Carolina learned this the hard way, but fortunately, they had PowerDMS.

PowerDMS has an organization-wide governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) program that identifies, assesses, mitigates, and monitors risks to our customer’s data and the infrastructure supporting our services. We also maintain CJIS, SOC 2, and HIPAA compliance.

Get started

We don’t believe in high-pressure sales tactics, we prefer to let our products and reputation speak for themselves. If you’re interested in what you’ve read or are curious to understand how PowerDMS may be a fit for your needs, please reach out. We’re always happy to listen and answer any questions you may have. 

If you like what you hear, great – we can discuss the next steps. If not, at least you’ll be equipped with the best information to make an informed decision that’s right for you.

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