Ensure SLA Compliance for Accreditation with 9-1-1 Center Software

Learn how your ECC can use compliance management system software to uphold your SLAs and achieve accreditation.

October 3, 2022

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The problem: Managing 9-1-1 center SLAs

Your emergency communications center’s service level agreements guide the daily operations of the agency and ensure you’re providing high-quality services to your community and stakeholders. But if you belong to one of the many ECCs experiencing staffing shortages or budgetary constraints, your agency is struggling to ensure compliance with these SLAs. This impedes your ability to achieve or maintain accreditation and puts relationships with partner organizations at risk.

Meeting your 911 SLAs is an important component of achieving accreditation; however, without efficient emergency communications center compliance monitoring, it can be hard to uphold your agreements. That’s because staff at your organization may have difficulty keeping policies up-to-date as accreditation standards or SLAs change. Without 911 center software, your agency may also face challenges demonstrating how existing policies and SOPs meet SLAs and align with accreditation standards in the first place.

Over time, these inefficient compliance management processes drain agency resources, causing your already overworked staff to feel increasingly stressed. As overworked telecommunicators become overwhelmed, they’re more accident-prone, introducing greater liability risks and making it evermore difficult to maintain service level agreement response time requirements. All of this results in reduced quality and efficiency of services to the public and first responders, eradicating the benefits that SLAs and accreditation are supposed to provide.

The solution: Compliance management software

PowerStandards by PowerDMS is an easy-to-use 911 center software solution that helps ECCs maintain compliance. You can make service level agreement monitoring and reporting easier with this compliance management system software because PowerDMS partners with more than 60 accreditation bodies to manage and maintain standards manuals. Your agency can quickly reference these manuals and use the compliance management tools featured in the table below to demonstrate how your policies and SOPs meet ECC requirements.

Feature Use for 911 Center Compliance Monitoring
Policy-to-standards mapping
  • Upload and link your existing policies, procedures, and other proof of compliance (like documents, videos, and images) to accreditation standards
Digital highlighting
  • Digitally highlight specific areas of a document to draw attention to a section of a policy or SLA and emphasize how it meets a specific accreditation standard
Standards manual conversion
  • Upload and convert external standards manuals for use in the PowerStandards system

PowerStandards also includes policy management tools so your ECC can keep policies and SOPs up-to-date, even as partners make adjustments to SLAs or accreditation standards change. To ensure you’re always accreditation-ready, simply opt in to receive automated alerts when a standard changes. You can assign these reminders to relevant staff so they know exactly when it’s time to review, update, or archive a policy, then track progress using dashboards in the compliance management system software.

Your ECC can also use this 911 center software to conduct accreditation self-assessments. As mock assessors review documentation, they can leave comments so you have time to make any required changes before receiving or maintaining accreditation. PowerStandards even enables assessors to review documentation before they arrive so you can reduce the duration of an onsite assessment and free up staff time for more pressing work.

The benefits of 9-1-1 center software

PowerDMS’s 911 center software streamlines the assessment preparation process by making it easier for subject matter experts in your organization to collaborate. In fact, PowerStandards reduces assessment preparation time by 50% and enables agencies to update policies four times faster. Because assessors can use PowerStandards to review documentation before their visit (reducing the number of days needed for an assessment), your agency also saves money on paper and travel expenses.

These money and time savings mean your ECC has more resources to commit to essential public safety services. In other words, 911 center software helps you foster accountability and mitigate liability – allowing your organization to maintain ECC compliance with SLAs and provide the highest levels of service possible.

Get started

PowerStandards ensures your agency meets SLAs to achieve accreditation. To learn more about how our 911 center software can meet your agency’s unique needs, schedule a demo today.

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