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Learn how PowerReady improves telecommunicator training and mitigates risk at your emergency communications center.

October 3, 2022

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The problem: Inconsistent training increases risk in ECCs

Telecommunicator training ensures that employees at your emergency communications center have the skills to support first responders and citizens during an emergency. Given today’s understaffing issues and resource constraints, however, it can be difficult to guarantee that all employees are up-to-date with mandatory training. If not corrected, this can lead to disastrous consequences for telecommunicators, first responders, and community members alike.

Without a centralized way to track trainee progress and completion of required ECC and PSAP training, it’s nearly impossible to uphold accountability across your agency. It’s hard for Communications Training Officers (CTOs) to keep track of what training employees have or have not completed, and you can’t assess where there are skill gaps that need to be addressed. This is significant since under-trained staff are more prone to make mistakes that compromise responder and community safety. As a result, ECCs that rely on manual tracking processes inevitably introduce more risk and liability to their agency.

A manual process can also make it challenging to manage the various technology solutions required to administer emergency dispatch training, including all associated training documents. If you aren’t referencing one cloud-based system, you must physically keep track of all ECC training papers, increasing the likelihood of missing or incomplete documentation.

Each of these roadblocks makes it particularly difficult to prove 911 compliance with service level agreements. Likewise, without clear evidence that your agency has done its due diligence to properly train all telecommunicators, you have no recourse should an employee make a critical mistake on the job.

The solution: Employee training tracking software

PowerDMS’s employee training tracking software, PowerReady, helps your ECC mitigate risk by centralizing 911 operator training. Centralizing all of your 911 telecommunicator training documentation in one cloud-based location makes it easy for CTOs and Training Managers to ensure emergency telecommunicators are up-to-date with mandatory training and provides access to all training details from any device, at any time, no matter your location.

PowerReady also helps streamline and automate your onboarding and call-taker, dispatcher, and 911 operator training. Use this software to simplify communications with CTOs and trainees by assigning tasks to individuals, groups, or departments, then set notification reminders to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. You can also create customized workflows to meet your agency’s needs throughout the training process.

Additionally, PowerReady enables CTOs to quickly track and analyze ECC training. Use the training management software’s dashboards and reports to view trainee progress, trainer effectiveness, and any areas that need attention. This includes the ability to log detailed notes from call monitoring during the probationary period. You can also set notifications for assigned tasks that require review, including forms and low-performing reports, to maintain efficient workflows and ensure the timely completion of all tasks.

The benefits of training management software

PowerReady saves your ECC time and money by making telecommunicator training processes, tracking, and analysis more efficient. Since this software centralizes all information in a single digitized platform, you’ll also reduce paper printing costs.

Furthermore, you can rely on PowerDMS’s employee training tracking software to provide key data insights that help you improve training, maintain ECC compliance, and ensure accountability. All of this mitigates risk, protects your agency from the liability issues that result from negligent training or lost documentation records, and ensures telecommunicators provide the highest levels of service to your community.

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