Case Study

CSU (CO) Health Network

Saving a year’s worth of AAAHC prep time and over $139k with PowerDMS.

A Better Way to Do AAAHC

On top of the daily tasks involved with supporting a student health center that serves more than 16,000 patients each year, Allis Gilbert, former Operations Director at Colorado State University (CSU) Health Network, was about to dive into the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) accreditation process for the first time.

Judging from the number of binders acquired from past accreditation cycles located throughout the Center, she knew this was no easy task.

While attending a conference, Allis visited with AAAHC to learn more about the accreditation process and garner tips for CSU’s upcoming assessment/self-survey.

She asked if there was an alternative way to prepare for and conduct the assessment/self-survey electronically, using a software solution.

AAAHC shared a few options with her and after seeing the products firsthand, CSU Health Networks invested in PowerDMS.

"Using PowerDMS, we were able to prepare for our AAAHC assessment in only six months–a task that once took 18 months. The amount of time, resources and money we saved will only multiply as we continue to use PowerDMS.

  • Allis Gilbert
  • Director of Operations
  • CSU Health Network

A Win-Win for Both Organizations and Assessors

By streamlining the process and managing AAAHC accreditation electronically, Allis reported they saved over $139k in staffing and supply costs. This savings includes the price of the PowerDMS software.

“Assessors are onsite for almost three days,” Allis said. “In the past, they would take all the binders with them after they left. With PowerDMS, I give them access to PowerDMS and my assessment a week prior to their arrival.”

This way, by the time the assessors arrive, they’ve already reviewed much of the relevant material. This saves CSU Health Network all the resources and hassles commonly associated with on-site assessments.

Problem: Before PowerDMS

Problems before PowerDMS

Duration: 18 months   |   Staff Cost: $169,696

Solution: After PowerDMS

PowerDMS solutions

Duration: 6 months   |   Staff Cost: $36,400

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