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PowerDMS helps hospitals, health systems, behavioral health centers, health plans, long-term care centers, skilled nursing facilities, home health, ambulatory surgery centers, student health centers, labs, and pharmacies.

February 1, 2021

PowerDMS helps healthcare organizations develop, review, approve, manage, and track policy and procedures to achieve excellence in compliance.

Hospitals, health systems, behavioral health centers, health plans, long-term care centers, skilled nursing facilities, home health, ambulatory surgery centers, student health centers, labs, and pharmacies trust PowerDMS to equip their staff with only the most current job-critical content and to achieve every-day survey readiness.

PowerDMS isn’t just another piece of software that confines all your information to one place or requires costly IT resources. PowerDMS is a cloud-based platform that connects all of your compliance content – policies, procedures, and training– in a single, secure repository. It’s a user-friendly solution with tools that benefit all levels of your organization.

  • Staff can quickly and easily search for policies by keywords, tags, folders, and bookmarks
  • Policy owners can be alerted when policies are due for review and collaborate on the changes without adding unnecessary emails to their Inbox
  • Senior leaders can rest easy knowing they are always survey-ready and staff aren’t at risk of viewing outdated information

Why we are a good fit

Staff can quickly find what they need, when and where they need it

PowerDMS serves as a central repository where staff members can search via keywords, or tags and bookmark their most frequently referenced policies. With built-in version control features, only the most current version of a policy is accessible, so staff are never at risk of referencing outdated information.

Our mobile application delivers this vital information to the point of care, regardless of where that may be.

Reduce the risks of non-compliance

Never miss another policy review with our automated email reminders, real-time mobile push notifications, and at-a-glance status reports. Customizable workflows make it easy to collaborate on policy updates. Audit trails provide you with a record of changes.

Cut survey prep time by up to 60%

Associate your policies and procedures to AAAHC, DNV, CIHQ, NCCHC, or TJC accreditation standards to eliminate paper and binders. Mock survey tools, digital highlighting, and task management make it easy to assess survey readiness in less time.

Be certain that staff attested to policies

Electronic signature capture, as well as policy-comprehension testing, validates staff see and understand policy changes. Dashboards and reports make it easy to see outstanding and completed signatures.

For large organizations with multiple locations, policies can be distributed by facility. With our built-in active directory sync, you can be sure staff only access the policies and procedures relevant to their location, specialty, or role. Your policy administrators and compliance professionals still have access to everything to verify compliance across the organization.

Streamline the creation of policies

Our user management tools make it easy to customize workflows and communication on policies that apply globally or are facility-specific. The flexibility of our groups and security makes it easy to provide staff with only what’s relevant to them.

Long-term care facilities can subscribe to quality policy and procedures provided by MED-PASS Heaton Digital Documents. This content meets industry best practices and regulatory requirements. It can also be customized and distributed for use within PowerDMS.

TJC accredited facilities can subscribe to the TJC PolicySource – sample policies and procedures required by the standards that are approved and updated by The Joint Commission.

Solve more than policy management challenges

More than just a policy management software, PowerDMS is a central repository to track and manage contracts, business agreements, forms, credentialing documentation, preference cards, and more. 

Our training tool makes it easy for smaller organizations to onboard new staff or to track mandatory requirements.

What partnering with us means for you

When you partner with us, getting started is easy. Our goal is for every new customer to be implemented with PowerDMS in 180 days or less. We love our customers and always seek to be a partner rather than a vendor. Here’s what you can expect if you choose to work with us.

Implementation support and ongoing help

Upon purchase, you will be assigned a Customer Success Advisor (CSA) to serve as your primary contact throughout your partnership with PowerDMS. During implementation, you will also be assigned an Onboarding Specialist. The Onboarding Specialist will dive deeper to understand your goals and create your onboarding project plan with your internal project team. Depending on your needs, this plan could include self-service or personalized training.

Here’s what a few of our customers have to say about our onboarding and ongoing support.

"I would have to say that PowerDMS has been an overall amazing product for our company. The customer service is top-notch and is extremely helpful with any questions you may have about using the product. Training and implementation were very thorough and that's always the hardest part!"
- Nathan M. via Capterra
"PowerDMS's customer service is stellar. Every single time we have a question (small or large; user error or major IT functionality), their customer service team is helpful, timely, and friendly. I can't say enough good things about their service team."
- Jason P. via Capterra

A maintenance-free solution

PowerDMS is cloud-based which means software updates are pushed out automatically and don’t require downtime. We provide better than 99.95% uptime with a 0.04-second server response rate. We are the only service provider in our industry who publicly displays our system status

PowerDMS was designed for compliance professionals like yourself. All of the day-to-day management of the platform can be done without IT resources. You can drag-and-drop your policies into the system, configure the site settings, and create your desired folders and workflows with our intuitive interface – all without IT involvement.

No need to learn new document editing tools

PowerDMS integrates with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneDrive, and Google Drive. When switching to PowerDMS you can use the editing tools you already love and trust because they integrate seamlessly with our platform. It’s one less thing to worry about when implementing our solution.

Your data is secure

We seek the highest standards in data management and security. PowerDMS is hosted on AWS GovCloud (US) and all data is encrypted both in-transit and at-rest (256-bit AES, FIPS140-2 certified encryption). Our platform is load-balanced across three secure, US-based data centers designed to anticipate and tolerate failure while maintaining service levels. We submit to annual, third-party audits for HIPAA AT 101, SOC 2, and FBI-CJIS compliance. 

Next steps

If you are interested in learning whether or not PowerDMS is the right fit for your organization, contact us today. After completing the form, we will get you in touch with one of our solution specialists. They will help answer your initial questions and better understand your organization's goals to see if PowerDMS can help.

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