Top 5 compliance problems we solve

Since 2001, we have committed to building technology solutions that promote accountability, reduce inefficiency, and ensure accreditation success

February 1, 2021

Our staff struggles to find the most current policies and procedures

The PowerDMS platform ensures the only policies and procedures that staff have access to are your organization’s most current. Its intuitive Google-style keyword search, folders and sub-folders, tagging, and bookmarks make locating policies and procedures quick and easy. All content is indexed for full-text search, so results are returned for any match within the document, including attachments, metadata, and tags. This helps staff find what they need, when they need it.

Policy reviews and updates are cumbersome and I worry things fall through the cracks

With automated workflows and email reminders, PowerDMS lets you take a “set it and forget it” approach to policy reviews. When a policy is due for review, PowerDMS automatically adds a task into your To-Do list. Workflows make it easy to collaborate, gather input, and obtain buy-in and approvals. Built-in dashboards and reports show which policies are stuck in someone else’s inbox, so you can help nudge things along.

PowerDMS integrates with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneDrive, and Google Drive so you can use the editing tools you already know and love. Not only does PowerDMS work with Microsoft Word's "track changes," but our built in side-by-side comparison tool makes it easy to understand what was added, deleted, or changed from one version of a document to another.

Paper and binders are an inefficient way to manage our accreditation

PowerDMS has licensing agreements with AAAHC, CIHQ, DNV, NCCHC, and TJC. You can intuitively crosswalk your policies and procedures to the accreditation standards and conduct a mock survey to assess readiness. With our Standards as a Professional Service, you can add nearly any standards manual to PowerDMS that we don't already have a licensing agreement with. Preparing for a survey with our accreditation solution reduces preparation time by up to 60% when compared to paper methods. Surveyors can login and review your documentation prior to their arrival or work from a laptop at your facility. Say goodbye to a conference room full of paper and binders.

We have limited resources, but a lot of critical compliance documentation to manage

You likely wear many different hats and have more than just policy and procedures to worry about. Our powerful document management features aren’t just for keeping policies and procedures current. Store, manage, and update any job critical content including business contracts, provider credentialing documentation, preference cards, job descriptions, and more.

Our training management solution makes it easy to onboard new employees or to deliver redundant required training. It’s a cost effective way to distribute training that employees can do in their down time, rather than scheduling in-service days.

I am in need of high-quality policy and procedure content

PowerDMS partners with trusted providers whose content can be accessed, updated, distributed, and tracked for use in your facility, all from within our platform.

If you are a long-term care facility, you can subscribe to MED-PASS Heaton Digital Documents – policies and procedures for long-term care facilities that meet industry best practices and regulatory requirements.

If you are accredited by The Joint Commission, you can subscribe to the TJC PolicySource – sample policies and procedures required by the standards that are approved and updated by The Joint Commission.

Key takeaways

Since 2001, we have committed to building technology solutions that promote accountability, reduce inefficiencies, and ensure accreditation success. We provide you with tools to make being “in compliance” easy, so you can focus on what matters most – saving lives.

We understand our success is only a result of helping our customers achieve their goals. When staff are equipped with the most up-to-date information, they can deliver the best possible care,your organization maintains compliance, and you remain confident, even in the midst of unannounced surveys.

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