How We Differ from the Competition

Continue reading to see what makes PowerDMS different from the competition.

February 1, 2021

Researching and purchasing new software is time-consuming. It only adds to the long list of important tasks you manage every day. 

You may have implemented other types of technology in the past and found the software or vendor didn’t live up to their promises. You may know what features your organization needs today, but do you know what you’ll need as your organization changes over time? 

It’s about finding a solution you trust, one that’s been proven by thousands of happy customers.

Today 4,200+ organizations trust us for their policy, training, and accreditation management needs. We have a 97% customer satisfaction rate and are consistently given top ratings on third-party review sites including Capterra, TrustRadius, and G2

As you continue to research PowerDMS and other policy management solutions, it’s important to ask questions, talk to peers who use different tools, and request vendor customer references. 

Here are common features you can expect from us and other providers:

  • Central repository
  • Access control
  • Electronic signature capture
  • Workflows
  • Version control
  • Reporting
  • Mobile
  • Integrates with existing editing tools (e.g. Word, OneDrive)

So what makes us different from anyone else? To help you evaluate us against other solutions, we’ve highlighted our key strengths below.

What makes PowerDMS different?

A compliance platform, not another piece of software

PowerDMS is a platform that seamlessly integrates your policies, training, and accreditation content with one another. It creates a living connection to achieve everyday survey readiness and compliance. For example, when you update a policy that's associated with an accreditation standard, PowerDMS automatically notifies you so your documentation is always compliant and survey ready.

Faster and easier to create and update policies

When switching from paper methods to PowerDMS, our customers have reduced the time it takes to update and distribute a policy to their staff by 75%. That means instead of an average time of four weeks to change a policy and disseminate, they are doing it in a week or less.

Organizations find that subscribing to policy packs developed by MED-PASS Heaton Digital Documents and The Joint Commission, saves time and provides additional assurance that organizational policies and procedures are well-aligned with regulatory standards.

Simplest way to prepare for an on-site survey

Our accreditation solution comes with almost every healthcare accreditation standards including AAAHC, CIHQ, DNV, NCCHC, and TJC. We can also add any accreditation manual that we don't currently publish for you.  We help you achieve survey readiness by providing an intuitive tool to crosswalk your policies to the standards. Mock survey tools, task management, and reporting make assessing survey readiness a breeze, eliminates paper and binders, and has been proven to reduce survey prep time by up to 60%.

Intuitive, easy to use interface

We’ve designed our tool with compliance professionals in mind. That means when you log in each day you will see a To-Do list and a color-coded dashboard of outstanding items (staff signatures, document workflows, etc). Your staff only sees what they need to and can search for information via folders, keywords, or tags. 

Award-winning Customer Success Team

We pride ourselves on the superior customer service delivered by our award-winning Customer Success Team in Orlando, Florida. From onboarding and implementation to training and launch, our US-based Customer Success Team is here to help with application questions, enhancement requests, and general business-process questions related to the use of our software. That is why we boast an industry-best 97% customer satisfaction rating.​

Top-rated customer support

Every subscription includes unlimited, ongoing support through our in-house team. They answer all inbound service requests sent in via phone, email, and chat, with 90% of customer cases resolved in under one business day. We have 500+ 5/5-star reviews for customer service on third party sites including Capterra, TrustRadius, and G2

Measurable ROI

With PowerDMS, you can expect to save 2x–4x the amount of time and money you’d typically spend on these processes. Our customers save an average of $10,000 on paper and printing costs alone. Use our ROI calculator to estimate your ROI with PowerDMS. 

Industry-leading data security

PowerDMS is securely hosted by Amazon Web Services GovCloud. We are also FBI-CJIS, HIPAA AT 101, and SOC 2 compliant and undergo annual audits so high-trust organizations like yours can depend on our software for the secure and compliant management of your policies and procedures. We are the only service provider in our industry who publicly displays our system status. This can be seen at ​


As you research various policy management solutions, you’ll soon discover each have similar features and functionality. Electronic signatures, workflows, and access control are all standard in most policy management systems. What you need to determine is what differentiates each solution and how it meets your organization’s needs.

For example, some solutions are not cloud-based and require extensive IT support. Do you have the staff on hand to maintain and manage another piece of technology? At PowerDMS, the day-to-day management of our platform was designed with you in mind. This makes getting up and running fast and easy, eliminating your dependence on  IT whenever you need to make a change.

Other solutions allow you to tag documents to accreditation standards, but do they have a time-tested tool with the features you need to be survey ready? PowerDMS is the only solution that has mock survey tools, digital highlighting, and seamlessly integrates your policies and procedures with manuals from national accrediting bodies such as The Joint Commission, DNV, AAAHC, and more. For the past 20 years, our survey readiness tools have helped more than 2,300 organizations achieve and maintain their accreditation from 40 different accrediting bodies.

When you have business process questions or just need support, do other providers like to nickel and dime you for every configuration change or call? At PowerDMS your success is our success. Every subscription includes unlimited support from our award-winning Customer Success Team – we will never leverage your needs as a way to charge more money.

And finally, do the solutions you’re considering maintain the level of security and data privacy you need to stay in compliance? Security breaches or data leaks are increasingly common in healthcare and have led to million-dollar fines. At PowerDMS, we go above and beyond to protect your data by undergoing multiple, 3rd-party security audits (HIPPA AT 101, SOC 2, and FBI-CJIS) and hosting our software on the web’s most secure cloud-provider, Amazon Web Service GovCloud (US).

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