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October 3, 2022

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The problem: Low EMS motivation and morale

Every day, EMS responders are under pressure to perform life-saving emergency services. Despite the significant role first responders play in promoting community health and safety, their hard work often goes unrecognized. An EMT may save someone’s life, only to be called to another emergency before they can receive any words of appreciation. 

Due to the fast-paced nature of EMS work, it would be impractical to recognize employees every time they respond to a difficult situation. But, many EMS centers don’t pursue any consistent, systematic ways to promote EMS recognition and support. Without some positive acknowledgement and check-in support, EMS responders inevitably face burnout. 

This burnout can quickly turn into low motivation and morale if you aren’t careful. Without proper recognition, you’ll experience low EMS job satisfaction and high voluntary turnover across the agency, making it harder to provide quality emergency medical services to the community.

The solution: EMS software

PowerEngage by PowerDMS provides an efficient means to capture citizen feedback and share it with employees, so EMS responders know precisely how much they’re appreciated – without adding to your workload. 

This hospital patient feedback software streamlines feedback by texting an automated survey to certain citizens after interactions with EMS. Citizens have the opportunity to rate their experience with first responders and leave words of thanks. PowerEngage then sends weekly positive emails to staff so they can read all the accolades they received on the job. Your agency can also collect and display this EMS feedback in real-time on screens throughout your department.   

Furthermore, because EMS staff regularly face stressful – and even traumatic – situations, PowerEngage promotes reliable wellness checks. After a difficult response, the system facilitates automatic check-ins by prompting peer support teams to ensure the responding staff have access to supportive wellness resources. In the fast-moving EMS environment, this can be vital to helping first responders work through traumatic experiences and making sure they feel secure moving forward. 

The benefits of patient feedback software

PowerEngage collects responses from every community feedback survey so your staff can see the positive impact they make in the community. This EMS software also provides a resource for public commendations, demonstrating how much citizens and your agency appreciate the hard work of first responders

You can also rely on PowerDMS’s patient feedback software to guarantee EMS first responders get the support they need after a particularly tough experience in the field. As a result, employees can better overcome the pressures of their job and experience greater paramedic and EMT job satisfaction. Improved EMS motivation and morale increases retention and recruitment at your agency, allowing you to continue providing top-quality medical services. 

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