Build a High-Performing Team with Improved EMS Training Management

Learn how emergency medical software for EMS training supports more consistent and effective team performance to improve safety and service in the field.

October 3, 2022

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The problem: Inconsistent EMS training practices

Each day, emergency medical services responders are entrusted with the lives of citizens during extremely distressing situations. To ensure they’re prepared to respond both effectively and efficiently in this fast-moving, high-stakes environment, it’s important that EMS responders are well-trained and properly evaluated for full comprehension. 

But it can be hard for EMS Training Officers to ensure every responders receives consistent training in the workplace, both during onboarding and probationary training. Many agencies still use disorganized paper-based documentation and manual tracking for their training programs, and these tedious practices make it hard to provide standardized EMS training to build a high-performing team.

Inconsistent training procedures also produce inconsistent performance among EMTs and paramedics. Your agency can’t easily track whether all trainees receive the same quality of training and evaluation, leading to knowledge gaps that create compliance risks. This hinders your ability to improve accountability through well-informed staff and affects your overall services to citizens, which can harm your reputation in the community.

Manual methods also require written documentation and complex filing systems that eat away at your EMS agency’s limited time and staffing resources. They’re inefficient and prone to errors and misplaced documents – which can make it difficult to demonstrate training compliance. What’s more, when EMS Training Officers can’t effectively oversee training implementation and conduct performance evaluations, it’s hard to determine what improvements are needed to ensure excellence in your agency.

The solution: An employee training management system

PowerReady by PowerDMS is an employee training management system that ensures all EMS staff receive consistent probationary training. Using this emergency medical software solution, your agency can monitor both trainees' progress and trainers' effectiveness, identify trends of success, and determine where staff need additional support. 

PowerReady centralizes all your probationary EMS training in a single, cloud-based location that staff can access at any time, from any device. You can also customize PowerReady according to the goals and challenges of your agency. This enables you to standardize your onboarding and probationary training programs and ensure they align with your specific processes, training model, and objectives. To support this, PowerReady allows EMS Training Officers to: 

  • Develop onboarding programs for onboarding and advanced EMT training and paramedic training, and track trainee performance throughout.
  • Streamline communication with trainees by assigning tasks and setting automatic notification reminders for individuals, groups, or departments based on custom workflows.
  • Set your own measurements for success to align with agency requirements and the goals of emergency medical services.

In addition, PowerReady provides emergency medical services agencies with up-to-date data and reports to track onboarding and probationary training progress, view EMS training results, and gather employee data for performance reviews. Plus, the software’s customizable dashboards show trainee performance by phase, or give you an in-depth view with detailed reports. Training Officers can take advantage of graphs and data to quickly review training progress reports, and filter your searches to quickly access information on individual trainees.

The benefits of emergency medical software for training

With PowerReady, you can build a consistently high-performing team using the system’s effective onboarding and probationary training tools. By ensuring all EMS staff receive the same quality of training information and standardizing EMS performance evaluations, Training Officers can better measure training effectiveness and support high performance standards within your agency. What’s more, PowerReady’s centralized training and automated processes save time and resources so staff can focus on providing essential emergency medical services.

In addition, your EMS agency can promote well-informed staff and mitigate risk by ensuring staff are up-to-date on all EMS training. PowerReady provides staff with convenient, 24/7 digital access to all your training resources and lets Training Officers monitor progress and completion of training programs to enforce accountability. And to top it off, agencies can leverage the software’s dashboards and reports to make informed decisions based on data insights to improve onboarding for EMS staff and fill training gaps that compromise field safety.

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