Generate Data & Reports to Make Informed EMS Schedule Decisions

Learn how PowerTime can improve your EMS schedule process by providing access to critical schedule reports and payroll information.

October 3, 2022

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The problem: Making data-informed scheduling decisions

As an EMS scheduler, you refer to a lot of information when you make scheduling decisions. But your paper-based process for schedule management is time-consuming and labor intensive. Since a manual process means you can’t collect comprehensive EMS schedule data and reports in one place, you spend excessive time:

  1. Tracking employee hours to ensure you meet staffing requirements. 
  2. Manually calculating staff hours every time you compile payroll reports. 

Despite how careful you are, the process inevitably results in errors as you juggle numerous variables, from overtime to sick days and PTO. These errors result in confusion, miscommunications, and frustration about scheduling needs across the agency. And mistakes in payroll management not only frustrate staff but also create liability risks when staff aren’t adequately compensated for their time. 

To make matters worse, a manual process means you can’t always identify the underlying reason for a scheduling or payroll mistake. As a result, it’s challenging to determine where to focus on process improvements or better coordination. But if you don’t address these inefficiencies, your agency will continue to face scheduling or payroll misunderstandings. Over time, this can lead to insufficient EMS staffing levels and impede your agency’s ability to serve citizens.

The solution: EMS scheduling software

The best EMS scheduling software can put these concerns behind you. PowerTime by PowerDMS streamlines EMS employee scheduling by tracking employee hours and scheduling data in one centralized location

You can use PowerTime to leverage over 200 reports of scheduling data – all digitally available 24/7 – which can be exported, sent, or printed depending on your EMS agency’s unique needs. These report features include the ability to collect scheduling data for each pay period, then export it into an external payroll system to ensure each employee receives correct compensation on payday. You can also store contact information, hire dates, IDs, and more to track all employee information in one place. 

And you’re not the only one who benefits from this EMS scheduling software. Staff can digitally review their timesheets each pay period, ensuring everyone is on the same page. PowerTime also includes audit trail features that enable you to track scheduling activity, including PTO banks, requests, and approvals. This creates yet another way to corroborate scheduling and payroll information amidst the many moving parts at your EMS agency. 

The benefits of an EMS scheduler system

PowerTime enables your EMS district to collect critical schedule data and easily access reports so you can gain a clear picture of scheduling across your agency. In doing so, you can more easily: 

  • Inform scheduling decisions and improvements 
  • Monitor time-off requests and daily EMS schedules
  • Ensure you maintain staffing levels 

EMS scheduling software also simplifies the payroll process. Just imagine: a days-long payroll process reduced to a simple review and click of a button. PowerTime makes this possible by providing access to all payroll and employee information in one central location – available at any time and from any device. This automated schedule tracking and improved visibility across the agency  saves you time and effort and makes staff more confident in payroll accuracy so they can focus on providing the best emergency medical services possible.

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