Improve Communication in EMS with Digital Collaboration Solutions

Learn how document collaboration software can streamline policy communications at your EMS agency.

October 3, 2022

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The problem: Inefficient policy collaboration and communication

EMS staff rely on standard practices to ensure consistent approaches, minimize the number of high-stakes decisions made in the field, and provide the best medical services possible. But manual and paper-based processes make communicating policies and procedures in the workplace difficult. These systems demand too many of the already-limited resources that EMS staff and stakeholders possess. 

Manual processes require that staff stay involved at every step to ensure all employees are up-to-date on policies and procedures. This involves distributing new and updated documents, then checking in (often more than once) to guarantee every employee understands the implications of a change. 

Additionally, staff who don’t have access to digital collaboration solutions can’t efficiently work with key stakeholders on policy reviews. Instead, they must rely on slow channels like email and meetings, which increase the likelihood for miscommunications and reduce the effectiveness of EMS-stakeholder relationships. If staff and partner stakeholders aren’t adequately informed, they’re more likely to make mistakes or encounter oversights, placing citizen health and safety at risk and introducing unnecessary compliance and liability risk to your agency.

The solution: Policy and procedure management software

PowerPolicy by PowerDMS streamlines communication in EMS. This policy and procedure management solution facilitates better internal and external communication with every one of your partners. 

Tools for internal communication and collaboration 

You can ensure consistent business processes by using PowerPolicy’s digital collaboration solutions to arrange standard routing structures and workflows for internal policy reviews, edits, and approvals. This feature includes setting up individuals, groups, or specific roles with alerts and reminders. Employees are notified as soon as something requires their action or attention. You can also increase internal policy accessibility and transparency with the tools listed in the table below. 

PowerPolicy Feature

Benefit of Document Collaboration Software Feature

Automatic email notifications

  • Alert staff to any policy updates that require their attention, including reviewing or approving tasks or new document version releases. 
  • Set urgency levels and notification frequency. 
  • Direct alerts to specific users, departments, or refined lists. 
  • Keep staff up-to-date with changes as soon as you make them. 

Mobile app 

  • Staff can access and view policies anytime and anywhere.
  • Push notifications to phones to inform staff about critical policy updates on the go.

Electronic signatures 

  • Assign documents to be acknowledged, including new versions of a previously signed policy. 
  • Prompt the need for electronic signature sign-off with a new task in the user’s to-do list and an email alert in their PowerDMS inbox. 
  • Request and track electronic signatures for specific users or entire groups. 

Tools for external collaboration and communication

PowerPolicy also provides vital tools so you can easily collaborate with external partners. This software enables users outside your organization to comment, edit, or contribute to policies, individual documents, or specific folders in the system – all according to access rights that you control. In addition to setting view and audit (edit) rights, you can provide external partners with admin rights. Document administrators can turn on comment privileges so external users can make comments, which can be locked down or made viewable by anyone who has access to the document. 

Additionally, PowerDMS offers a public-facing document add-on so you can make documents accessible to the public using a custom URL. You can share this URL with partners or embed it in your website for anyone to view. The items you assign for public viewing can even be found through Google searches or added to your agency’s custom site settings and search index. 

The benefits of health EMS software

PowerDMS’s health EMS software provides secure document collaboration and robust workflows so you can easily collaborate with stakeholders. These tools create one source of information for all the policies and procedures your EMS agency needs. As a result, staff remain informed and held accountable, and your agency saves time and supports productive relationships with partner organizations

Additionally, PowerPolicy’s mobile app improves accessibility, enabling staff to access and review policies and procedures whenever needed. As a result, you can trust PowerPolicy to distribute mission-critical information to staff within minutes, whether in the office, at home, or out in the field. This promotes compliance and mitigates risk so your agency can provide consistently excellent healthcare services to your community

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