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October 3, 2022

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The problem: Low EMS recruitment

EMS responders have worked overtime – and then some – to provide life-saving services throughout the pandemic. But gone are the days when medical professionals received standing ovations for this often traumatic work. The high stress and low pay of EMS work, combined with poor EMS recognition, have made recruiting and retaining talented employees difficult at EMS agencies across the country. 

As employees feel increasingly undervalued and underappreciated, paramedic and EMT job satisfaction diminishes and staff leave the field for other opportunities. EMS staffing shortages mean that employees who are left behind must work even longer hours to meet community needs. This further decreases motivation and morale, perpetuating burnout and low EMS retention. This vicious cycle builds a negative reputation around EMS work and makes it even more challenging to recruit new candidates. 

Without the ability to fill these vacancies, you’re unable to give existing staff a much-needed break, much less ensure that every citizen receives timely medical care. Instead, first responders continue to work in the field while exhausted and burnt out, creating safety risks for both EMS staff and the community.

The solution: EMS software with candidate engagement tools

PowerEngage by PowerDMS provides vital candidate engagement tools so you can overcome these challenges and secure talent for your agency. When candidates visit your website, they can scan a QR code to indicate their interest in a job. This starts a chat and immediately notifies an internal recruiter, who can answer questions and get the candidate excited to apply. 

You can also use PowerEngage’s positive feedback board to build your reputation as an agency that values first responder wellness. Publicly share commendations from citizens on agency screens or send accolades directly to staff emails so employees know they’re appreciated. This public recognition boosts morale across your agency and improves retention, creating a positive feedback loop and reducing the need for endless hiring cycles. 

PowerEngage also enables you to quantify the local perception of your agency with a Citizen Positive Satisfaction Score (CPSS). You can track these scores over time to identify trends in community sentiment and improve your service levels accordingly. Candidates who view these scores will be excited to work for an agency that actively listens to its community. 

The benefits of EMS software

PowerEngage promotes effective communication in recruitment so you can meet candidates where they are. Tech-savvy applicants will appreciate the opportunity to engage with a recruiter through chat instead of inefficient communication avenues like phone and email. With fewer barriers to getting the information they need, candidates are more likely to apply to work for your organization

Additionally, this EMS software helps your agency recognize employees by providing regular positive feedback and commendations. This feedback not only helps current employees feel appreciated by both the agency and the community – it also builds your good reputation. Potential candidates see how much you value your responders and will be excited to apply to work for your agency because they know they’ll be recognized for their hard work in the community, too.  

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