Improve Internal & External Collaboration to Support EMS Accreditation

Find out how compliance management software facilitates proactive communication at your EMS agency as you prepare for accreditation.

October 3, 2022

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The problem: Inefficient communication and collaboration

Accreditation preparation requires careful planning and communication – something your EMS agency excels at when providing emergency medical services. But you can’t seem to translate these communication skills to the accreditation process. Your manual, paper-based processes make it challenging to collaborate with internal and external stakeholders and impede accreditation preparation. 

Due to the cumbersome nature of your manual processes, your team struggles to find sufficient time to update, track, and manage accreditation documents – let alone communicate changes. You also lack a straightforward way to compare your SOPs with accreditation standards so you can ensure compliance. Your partners can’t even offer their guidance during accreditation assessments since there’s no easy way for external stakeholders to review and comment on policies. 

These communication roadblocks mean your accreditation preparation takes way more time and effort than necessary. Rather than ensuring compliance with regulations for accreditation, you waste hours facilitating unproductive meetings and leaving endless voicemail messages. Your poor communication avenues mean you never know quite where you are in the process, and the prospect of attaining EMS accreditation feels slimmer by the day.

The solution: Compliance management software

You can stop checking your voicemail and refreshing your inbox for status updates. PowerStandards by PowerDMS is an EMS computer software that makes it easy to communicate and collaborate throughout the accreditation process – no unnecessary meetings, emails, or phone calls required. 

Task management 

You can use PowerStandards to ensure everyone is aware of their to-do items by assigning standards for employees to monitor. Then, create one-time or recurring tasks associated with each standard. The tasks you designate appear in employee to-do lists and PowerDMS inboxes so individuals can upload narratives and evidence of compliance. You can also use this PowerStandards to set automated alerts when it’s time to review, update, or archive current policies. As a result, you ensure staff access only the most up-to-date emergency medical services policies and procedures. 

Reviewer/visitor tools

PowerStandards improves external collaboration with its reviewer and visitor tools. External partners can use these tools during accreditation preparation and mock assessments to leave comments or upload documentation to specific standards. Additionally, reviewers can set a “met” or “not met” status to each standard, which you can export for analysis or inclusion in the final visit report. You can view these comments to make necessary changes, then secure notes for your future reference and records

Standards mapping

PowerDMS’s EMS computer software enables you to map your policies with your accrediting body’s standards. Simply upload your policies, procedures, or other proofs of compliance (like documents, videos, or images) and indicate which standard you would like to link. PowerStandards sends an automated alert (with your opt-in) whenever the accrediting body changes that standard so you can quickly see whether you need to adjust your policies. You can also indicate which areas of your policies or SOPs meet standards by digitally highlighting or labeling them within the electronic document.

The benefits of software for accreditation management 

PowerStandards streamlines communication and collaboration so you can prepare for your accreditation assessment 50% faster. Because this cloud-based system provides EMS staff and partners with digital document access from any device or location, you also save $11k on paper and printing costs

This accreditation management system improves stakeholder and staff collaboration by ensuring subject matter experts within and outside your agency know what tasks, standards, or chapters they need to take action on. Furthermore, automated notifications and reminders keep everyone informed so you can update standards as required. In doing so, your EMS agency maintains compliance with EMS regulations and policy changes so you can provide quality service levels to the community and attain accreditation for your agency. 

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