Reduce Overtime & Burnout with EMS Scheduling Software

EMS personnel face burnout due to overscheduling, which can negatively impact their well-being. Learn how our overtime management software can help.

October 3, 2022

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The problem: Excessive overtime and burnout in EMS

As EMS districts across the country experience extreme understaffing, many agencies have relied upon overtime to maintain essential services. But regular paramedic and EMT overtime only increases burnout rates and understaffing as employees experience exhaustion from back-to-back scheduling or long EMS 24-hour shifts. A UK survey indicates that more than 50% of paramedics, emergency care practitioners, and EMTs show moderate to high risks of burnout in EMS due to overscheduling. 

Without an effective system for tracking and managing EMS shift schedules, overscheduling inevitably continues, causing more and more EMS staff to leave the workforce from burnout. In addition to this low retention, agencies face poor recruitment because candidates are wary of the high rates of stress and overwork in the field. As a result, responders must make life-or-death decisions while tired and low on morale, making it increasingly difficult to keep themselves, other EMS staff, and citizens safe in the community.

The solution: EMS scheduling software

PowerTime streamlines schedule management to reduce the overscheduling and stress that causes EMS burnout. This EMS scheduling app sends an alert when staff reach their maximum hours and ensures you don’t accidentally overschedule employees so they can get much-needed rest. 

You can also send automated notifications to keep everyone up-to-date with real-time scheduling changes. These alerts guarantee that staff are always informed and follow the latest, most accurate EMS schedules. Additionally, employees can use PowerDMS’s EMS scheduling software to trade shifts with one another, providing staff with a sense of control in meeting their scheduling needs.

This automated system tracks approvals, hours accrued, and PTO banks so employees and supervisors are always on the same page about time-off requests. You can also use PowerTime’s multi-tiered approval system to automate the PTO workflow and guarantee supervisors receive a notification when staff make requests. This EMS scheduling app sends an update whenever a change is made, so all relevant parties are aware of vacation and time-off schedules. 

The benefits of real-time scheduling for EMS

PowerTime’s digital scheduling system provides real-time updates that make it easier for EMS staff to request time off and view their EMS shift schedules 24/7. Automated alerts ensure responders aren’t overscheduled, and real-time updates reduce: 

  • Schedule miscommunications and errors
  • EMS burnout from missed vacations
  • Overworking due to staffing issues 

By ensuring EMS responders have adequate time to recuperate from their shifts, PowerTime helps boost staff morale and retention. Low turnover rates not only support improved recruitment, but also ensure your EMS agency is properly staffed each day. As a result, using this system helps you promote EMS responder safety and quality citizen services with more informed, motivated, and alert staff. 

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