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Managing your policies and staying in compliance should be simple.

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Stressed by the Risks of Non-compliance?

Compliance Challenges?

Federal, state, and local regulations are always changing, not to mention industry best practices and accreditation requirements. With all the changes, it can be difficult keeping policies updated, employees trained, and your organization compliant.

Outdated Processes?

Many organizations still use paper and binders to manage their policies. Others use email and online word processors. Experience the efficiency of a robust and holistic solution, specifically created to simplify your policy management.

Disorganized Policies?

When policies are disorganized, they aren’t accessible. We understand that keeping your organization and employees in compliance can be overwhelming. Now with PowerDMS, you can keep your policies current, accessible, and trackable.

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Simplify Your Compliance

Stay in compliance with our policy management software, designed for your day-to-day.

PowerDMS is a central repository for drafting, revising, disseminating, and tracking organizational policies across their entire lifecycle. By creating a single source of truth with powerful search capabilities, you can always find what you need. When you need it.

Optimize Your Processes

Update and automate your procedure management process.

With PowerDMS, automated alerts notify employees about coming audits, annual reviews, policy updates, and more. Sometimes policies require review from multiple people before being approved. Made with collaboration in mind, you can streamline the review and approval process with automated workflows.

Organize Your Policies

Preventative measures keep your organization free from lawsuits, fines, injuries, and more.

Start increasing security with PowerDMS document control. Create multiple levels of access and track revisions every step of the way to increase accountability. You will know when employees were notified about a policy, when they opened it, and when they signed it.


Fully integrated with Microsoft Office, Adobe, and more, you can edit policies directly in PowerDMS with your preferred applications.


Protect your organization from liability by keeping your employees accountable with E-sign, revision tracking, and real-time notifications.

Version Control

Stay organized with a single draft and published version of each policy. Manage risk by archiving past versions for future reference.

Side-by-Side Comparison

Compare and review changes to your policy manual the easy way. Our tool automatically highlights all edits for your convenience.

Workflows & Review Cycles

Set up advanced workflows to collaborate across your organization, and maintain compliance by regularly updating your key documents.


Access critical content anytime, anywhere. Get real-time notifications, search for policies online, and E-sign your time-sensitive documents.

Powerful Policy Management Software, For Everyone

The idea of implementing new technology may feel intimidating. We understand—adopting a new tool can be challenging. That’s why PowerDMS provides simple policy management software for organizations like yours. Paired with seamless onboarding and industry-leading customer service, you will be supported every step of the way and empowered to succeed.

“In a healthcare situation, not following the correct protocol could be the difference between life and death. With PowerDMS, the most relevant policies are up-to-date and available in all of our facilities. We did away with the three-ring binders and the old paper copies. It makes things so much easier.”

– Stephanie Pins, Accreditation Manager at War Memorial Hospital

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