Grow EMS Recruitment with Employee Wellness Software

Need to remedy your EMS personnel shortage but can’t secure enough candidates? Learn how employee wellness software can help.

October 3, 2022

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The problem: EMS recruitment and retention

There’s no denying that emergency medical services work is high-pressure and high-stress. Unfortunately, EMS employees’ pay and recognition don't always reflect these realities. In the past few years, EMS centers have struggled with low EMS retention as existing employees leave the field to pursue roles that provide less stress and more money. 

To complicate matters further, many agencies don’t have the resources to provide wellness programs to support EMS responders. Even employees with access to mental health support may be hesitant to pursue it due to the surrounding stigma. A lack of mental health resources worsens burnout, lowers morale, and diminishes the quality of services EMS personnel can provide. 

Improving EMS recruitment becomes even more challenging as the public catches wind of these concerns. Candidates who previously considered working in the field pursue work that offers higher compensation, less pressure, and more wellness support instead. Due to the EMS personnel shortage, current employees must work even harder. This causes EMS health and wellness to worsen and perpetuates the cycle of high turnover and low EMS recruitment.

The solution: Employee wellness software

PowerLine by PowerDMS provides a wide variety of wellness support to help your EMS center overcome these challenges. Responders can use PowerLine to access an extensive library of wellness resources – including videos, articles, and audio content – that speak to the unique challenges they face in their personal and professional lives. 

Additionally, this employee wellness app connects EMS personnel to an extensive social support system, including local and nationwide resources. After signing into the app, EMS staff can access topic-specific discussion groups and match with other EMS personnel outside their agency – and across the country – for anonymous support from peer volunteers. Your agency can also provide in-app access to local resources, including peer supporters, clergy, vetted therapists, and other services you’ve already established. 

PowerLine’s mobile app includes resources to train peer volunteers and volunteer access to clinician support 24/7 in case users show warning signs of suicide. As a result, EMS employees can obtain help exactly when needed, whether at home or on the job, so they’re never left feeling disconnected or unsupported by your agency. 

The benefits of an employee wellness app

By building a robust EMS wellness program, you demonstrate how much you care and set yourself apart as an employer of choice. A wellness program that supports EMS motivation, mental health, morale, and quality of work leads to: 

  • Fewer sick days and errors in the field 
  • Reduced stress and burnout
  • Better productivity 

Prioritizing EMS mental health also improves retention of your current staff so you can reduce costs associated with training and onboarding. Employees who feel their best provide the best levels of service, giving your wellness program the power to improve community sentiment towards your agency. This positive reputation fosters a feedback loop that enhances EMS retention and recruitment and ensures you can provide the best possible services.

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