Improve Internal Communication and EMS Schedule Visibility

Your paper-based scheduling inevitably leads to miscommunications. Learn how EMS management software can improve schedule visibility at your EMS agency.

October 3, 2022

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The problem: Lack of EMS schedule visibility

Creating a paramedic and EMT shift schedule that meets everyone’s needs is complicated. You must maintain staffing levels without overburdening EMS responders, account for unexpected absences, and ensure staff can take PTO. Paper-based scheduling processes only add to the complexity. A manual scheduling process doesn’t provide real-time scheduling visibility across your entire agency, so you don’t have an efficient way to:

  • Track and disseminate paramedic and EMT schedule updates
  • Monitor PTO requests
  • Fill open shifts

Instead, you must compile and track this information on your own, then update paramedic and EMT shift schedules by hand. Given the numerous factors at play, this process is cumbersome and challenging to keep up with in real time. As a result of lots of trial and error, you might create multiple schedule versions – only to have no way of ensuring staff have seen and acknowledged the correct version. Responders may accidentally refer to the wrong schedule, leading to scheduling errors, miscommunications, and misunderstandings around staffing needs. 

Unfortunately, this lack of visibility exacerbates any understaffing or overscheduling issues you already have. Frequent errors and overscheduling frustrate staff, cause burnout, and lead to high turnover. As such, manual scheduling ultimately impacts the quality of service your agency provides.

The solution: EMS management software

PowerTime, a digital scheduling software solution by PowerDMS, helps improve internal communication and schedule visibility across your EMS agency. You can rely on this software to provide employees with a real-time view of schedules. As a result, you eliminate the need for paper or spreadsheet-based documents and reduce the likelihood of leaving outdated schedules floating around. 

You can notify relevant staff when you update a schedule so they know about changes as soon as they occur. This notification feature includes the ability to send email or text communication blasts to your entire staff or target a smaller group in your agency. PowerTime also includes features to help you manage staffing needs at every level, including customizable tiered approval systems, digital timesheets, and employee information logging. 

Plus, PowerTime enables responders to be proactive about their schedules. Staff can sign up to receive automatic notifications about specific events, like when their PTO requests are approved or a new schedule is published. Responders can then access the most up-to-date schedule from any digital device, use the EMS scheduling program to swap shifts with other staff, or pick up extra hours by filling an open shift. 

The benefits of an EMS scheduling program

PowerTime eliminates the need for manual tracking and saves time with automation and real-time scheduling features. This cloud-based system provides complete schedule visibility so your agency can: 

  • Minimize confusion, overscheduling, and miscommunication or errors. 
  • Ensure proper staffing levels to keep the community safe. 
  • Provide real-time employee schedule updates that are visible to everyone. 

Because staff can access the most up-to-date paramedic and EMT schedules at all times, they’re always aware of schedule changes – whether at home or work. As a result, this EMS scheduling program ensures your entire workforce is informed and accountable so you can provide the highest levels of service to your community. 

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