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October 3, 2022

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The problem: Measuring citizen satisfaction

The effectiveness of your EMS response can mean the difference between life and death, so citizens understandably have high expectations for your agency and the care they receive. But, without a streamlined citizen feedback system, you have no way to efficiently measure community satisfaction and determine if you're meeting these expectations. As a result, your EMS agency struggles to identify where improvements are needed. 

Because you can’t make data-driven decisions, you’re reduced to guessing what might increase community satisfaction and improve service delivery. Unfortunately, this haphazard approach only creates new problems. While you make assumptions about what will best meet community expectations, citizens feel unheard and wonder whether you value their input and needs.  

This causes community perception of your agency to decrease over time – and EMS staff morale along with it. Your agency experiences higher turnover as employees leave for organizations with better reputations. Even worse, your service quality suffers as you struggle to maintain services despite vacancies – the opposite of what you were trying to achieve when you first set out.

The solution: Automated EMS software

Fortunately, there’s a straightforward way to access essential citizen feedback. PowerEngage, EMS software by PowerDMS, provides an automated customer satisfaction software so you can obtain valuable data after responding to an emergency. 

When someone receives emergency services from your agency, PowerEngage automatically texts an EMS patient satisfaction survey to specific parties involved. The citizen engagement software selects who to send the survey to – including callers, victims, and witnesses – according to integrated CAD and RMS data. 

PowerEngage then uses feedback from these citizen satisfaction surveys to calculate a Citizen Positive Satisfaction Score (CPSS). This score enables you to quantify community sentiment about your agency and identify satisfaction trends over time so you can make data-driven decisions about where improvements are needed. 

The benefits of citizen engagement software

PowerEngage’s EMS patient satisfaction survey has a response rate of 50% (five times the average), allowing citizens to feel heard and providing you with a valuable way to gain community input. Your agency can use these insights and CPSS scores to make informed decisions and improve training, operations, budget allocation, and services to the community. As you make these changes and increase your CPSS, you also improve EMS staff morale, enabling your agency to provide the highest service levels possible. 

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