Assess & Improve Your Field Training Officer Program

Find out how law enforcement agencies can use police field training software to create effective training programs.

August 24, 2022

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The problem: Assessing field training programs

Law enforcement agencies often struggle to assess the effectiveness of their field training programs. With limited budgets and staff, there isn’t enough time or resources to analyze training processes and determine if there are gaps or unaddressed agency needs. 

But the protection of your agency, officers, and community all rely on consistently discovering ways to improve police training. Without the ability to identify the effectiveness of your current field training officer program, you’re stuck not knowing what areas need improvement and how to keep officers accountable to a specific standard so you can better protect and serve.

Outdated, substandard field training programs create liability risks for the department and public safety risks for the community. But with limited staff, it is difficult to perform an FTO program evaluation without adding to your current staff’s already mountainous workload. For law enforcement agencies wondering how to assess a training program and improve your field training, the most effective modern solution is police field training software. 

The solution: Law enforcement field training software

Police field training software helps departments analyze field training data to make informed, defendable decisions about their operations. PowerReady by PowerDMS is a complete field training software solution with robust features for every aspect of your field training program. 

PowerReady is a central repository for tracking and documenting field training, recruit onboarding, and trainee performance. The easy-to-use interface allows you to perform an FTO program evaluation, develop new training programs, and get the data you need to protect your officers and your agency. 

Real-time data and reports

You can easily track field training performance, access training results, and gather employee data for performance reviews in PowerReady. Its dashboards show trainee performance by phase, or you can drill down into reports for an in-depth view. Additionally, the system collects data and compiles it into graphs so you can quickly review and pull detailed reports on trainee performance. PowerReady’s access filters also let you easily filter your search and immediately access any form for any trainee on any device. 

Customized to fit your needs 

PowerReady was designed with the ability to adapt to the unique training needs of your law enforcement agency. The law enforcement field training program software is highly customizable, allowing you to adapt the platform to fit your existing processes and training models, develop your own measurements for success, and automate your training programs. 

Automate manual processes 

Even as police departments face understaffing challenges, your staff needs to keep up with the same amount of work. PowerReady helps ease the burden on your FTOs and lets them focus on training instead of manual documentation processes by automating time-consuming manual tasks. The field training officer software includes automated task assignments, which you can assign to individuals, groups or departments with reminder notifications. 

The benefits of law enforcement field training software

With a centralized training system, automated processes, and one point of access, your FTO program can better prepare future officers for success and better equip your department to serve citizens. 

Make data-informed decisions  

Law enforcement field training program software like PowerReady protects your agency by ensuring all officers are trained consistently at the highest level. With PowerReady, you can assess the effectiveness of your current field training program and get valuable data insights to fill gaps in training. 

Ensure accountability

Keeping your officers up-to-date with standardized training ensures their comprehension of the latest policies and upholds accountability in your agency. This helps mitigate liability and compliance risks to your officers, agency, and your community. 

Save time and resources

PowerReady automates time-consuming manual processes, saving you time on document management and tracking training progress. In a cloud-based system, your field training program is streamlined with one centralized source of truth that can be accessed 24/7, and the ability to filter searches lets you find any trainee form quickly and efficiently. 

Find out more about field training software 

PowerReady’s field training software is a powerful tool to help you build organizational culture, maintain standards, and prepare your officers for future success. 

Schedule a free demo to learn more about the benefits PowerReady will bring your agency.

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