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Discover which parts of our platform help agencies of different sizes

January 29, 2021

Types of agencies we help

Over 3,000 law enforcement agencies across the United States use PowerDMS. Discover which parts of our platform help agencies of different sizes, and view this map to see what agencies trust us with their policy and accreditation management. 

Small agencies

PowerDMS is a platform to manage your policies, training, and accreditation. It saves you time and money on policy administration so you can invest your resources in the thing you care about most – quality police work.

There’s a misconception that in order to achieve accreditation you need to hire additional staff. With PowerDMS in your corner, that’s not the case. Our platform simplifies compliance-related tasks so your current staff can pursue and achieve accreditation the easier way.

Mid-sized agencies

These days, there’s a lot of pressure on law enforcement agencies. With budget cuts and resources being diverted from traditional policing, PowerDMS helps your agency do more with less. 

With PowerDMS, you can save 2x-4x the amount of time and money usually spent on policy processes, like updating policies and collecting signatures agency-wide. 

These tasks usually take weeks, but PowerDMS lets you do it within a matter of days, during which your documentation is safe, secure, and accessible in a single location. Thanks to our platform, you can be confident that only one version of every policy exists, so your officers will always have access to the most updated information.

Large agencies

PowerDMS comes fully loaded with powerful workflow tools so you can collaborate with stakeholders across your agency. It lets you collect feedback on important documents internally, as well as from city leaders and legal counsel.

The larger the agency, the more complex the accreditation process. Sharing the workload helps, especially when there are various subject matter experts (SMEs) across your agency who need to contribute. With PowerDMS, accreditation tasks can be shared across the organization, so specific chapters of standards can be assigned to SMEs to upload proofs of compliance.

Through an admin dashboard and reporting, PowerDMS equips shift leaders and command staff to hold their direct reports accountable to reading and signing policies. For large agencies, it’s not realistic for one person to keep hundreds of staff and officers accountable, but PowerDMS lets you share the responsibility. Over time, shared responsibility produces a stronger culture of compliance and accountability agency-wide.

Agencies without accreditation

Some of our law enforcement customers don't require the accreditation piece of our platform, but they still find value from our policy and training tools. PowerDMS gives you tracking and reporting features to hold officers accountable to new and updated policies and procedures. 

Track read receipts and signatures on your admin dashboard, and if the need arises, access archived documents with key data like who signed a policy, when they signed it, and relevant notes from shift leaders or HR. If an incident occurs, this strengthens your position in court. 

You can even create and assign competency tests with different pass/fail requirements to ensure officers understand the policy or procedure. If multiple officers are failing, it helps you identify gaps in your training or policy communication.

Why we’re a good fit

Customize the platform for your needs

When you get PowerDMS, you get one solution that can be customized for agencies of all sizes. Only pay for what your agency truly needs. Add our training tool, accreditation tool, public-facing documents, content subscription, and other add-ons as needed. 

Build trust in your community

Through our Public-Facing Documents add-on, you can select which policies, documents, and forms to share with the public and publish them with the click of a button. Each public document gets a custom URL which can be shared with the public, or you can embed the URL on your website so the community always has access. When you make a change to the document in PowerDMS, the public version is automatically updated, so you won’t need to update two different versions or risk the community accessing outdated information.

Save time preparing for your next assessment

PowerDMS has been proven to reduce assessment prep time by 50%, when compared to paper processes. Map your policies and procedures to CALEA, IACLEA, and virtually every state association’s accreditation standards to identify gaps in your compliance. 

By moving to the leading policy and accreditation solution, you can get your time back by conducting mock and remote assessments, highlighting documents, and managing key tasks. All while eliminating the costs and inefficiencies of paper, binders, and filing cabinets.

Experience industry-leading support

Our customer success team is based in the U.S. and always available over phone, email, and chat. We have a 97% customer satisfaction rate and have over 500 5-star reviews for customer service on third-party review sites like Capterra, TrustRadius, and G2.

By proactively asking for feedback via surveys, forums, and more, we keep our finger on the pulse of your needs. That way, your voice is always heard and we provide maximum value to your agency.

What partnering with us means for you

Risk mitigation

Noncompliance is a liability, and it could lead to fines, lawsuits, and/or distrust in the community. By using our document management tools, you create a culture of accountability and transparency and reduce instances of noncompliance. 

With PowerDMS you can track audit trails, create workflows, pull reports, and set up automation for reviewing policies, sending reminders, running reports, and more. These tools and features stand in the gap between you and risk.

Simple implementation and ongoing support

At the start of the onboarding process, you’ll get a Customer Success Advisor (CSA) to serve as your primary contact during your time with PowerDMS. They will help you with continued growth and use of the platform, any escalations needed, and act as your general liaison. 

During implementation, you will also be assigned an Onboarding Specialist, who will learn your goals and create an onboarding plan with your internal team. Your Onboarding Specialist will help you with uploading documents, importing users, online training, and more, customized for your agency’s needs.

Maintenance-free solutions, designed for you

PowerDMS is a cloud-based platform, which means software updates are pushed automatically without requiring downtime. We provide more than 99.95% uptime with a 0.04 second server response rate. In fact, we’re the only industry solution who publicly displays our system status. 

PowerDMS was designed for public safety professionals like you. Day in and day out, you can easily manage the platform yourself. You can drag-and-drop your policies into the system, configure site settings, create folders, and build workflows with our intuitive interface – all without IT involvement.

Integration with your preferred document editing tools

PowerDMS integrates with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneDrive, and Google Drive. When switching to PowerDMS you can use the editing tools you already love and trust because they integrate seamlessly with our platform. It’s one less thing to worry about.

Secure data

We live in a world of data security risks. Without top-notch security measures in place, security breaches and data leaks are a threat. Municipalities, and by extension police departments, are increasingly being targeted in malware attacks. Durham PD in North Carolina learned this the hard way, but fortunately they had PowerDMS.

PowerDMS has an organization-wide governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) program that identifies, assesses, mitigates, and monitors risks to our customer’s data and the infrastructure supporting our services. We also maintain CJIS, SOC 2, and HIPAA compliance.

Next steps

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