Standardize Your Field Training Program with FTO Cloud-Based Software

Learn how FTO cloud-based software can provide consistent and standardized training for law enforcement agencies.

August 24, 2022

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The problem: Inconsistent, decentralized training 

Law enforcement professionals today are under more scrutiny and pressure than ever before, and with this, their field training has been brought into question. Many agencies still operate without a centralized and standardized system to manage field training. Inconsistent training not only leaves some officers inadequately prepared but also leaves agencies vulnerable to liability. 

If you want to know what the future of your agency looks like, look no further than your FTOs. Not only are they responsible for adequately preparing new officers; FTOs significantly influence organizational culture in police departments. But the FTOs executing your field training and mentoring program are still human. Without a centralized and standardized field training officer program, their different methods, biases, and personalities can create inconsistent training outcomes and evaluations. 

Decentralized training management also bogs down FTOs with time-consuming paperwork and outdated manual processes. Managing paper-based files makes tracking compliance, trainee progress, and daily observation reports (DORs) unnecessarily laborious and more prone to error. Law enforcement field training software can ease the burden on your FTOs and help them focus on more important things, like teaching young officers the right way to do the job. 

The solution: FTO cloud-based software for law enforcement

PowerDMS’ law enforcement field training software, PowerReady, centralizes and standardizes your field training officer program so you can build your police department values from the ground up. With PowerReady, you can customize your onboarding and field training program to fit your agency's needs.

Centralized training management

PowerReady is an FTO cloud-based software that centralizes and standardizes your field training in one accessible location. The sheriff and police training software automates your onboarding process and training programs and lets you easily assign tasks to individuals, groups, or departments. This allows for streamlined communications with trainees, even giving you the ability to set notification reminders for assigned tasks. An FTO cloud-based setup enables you to access your FTO software solution and trainee information from any device, at any time. 

Customized to your needs 

Your agency has specific needs, and your FTO software should reflect that. Customize PowerReady to align with your existing processes, training models, and organizational goals so you can set your own measurements for success. PowerReady also lets you develop probationary training programs for both recruits and supervisors and track officer performance during their probationary period. 

Real-time data to track field training performance

PowerReady’s easy-to-use interface gives you real-time data to track and analyze field training performance. Detailed dashboards and reports share trainee progress and training results so you can gather data for performance reviews. And with instant notifications to review DORs, forms, and low-performing reports, FTO cloud-based software makes it easy for your department to analyze trainer effectiveness and identify gaps in your training program. 

The benefits of police training software

PowerReady saves you time by centralizing your complete field training officer program in one cloud-based location, eliminating the need to track down different paper documents or computer files. This streamlined system for training management helps you standardize field training across your department and reinforce agency values, strengthening organizational culture by ensuring consistent FTO training practices. 

Furthermore, PowerReady mitigates risk by automating accountability and helping you avoid liability due to negligent training or lost documentation records. This also helps build credibility with the community – along with the system’s real-time data reporting capabilities, which allow you to make informed, defensible decisions that improve law enforcement training in your agency. PowerReady does what the best sheriff and police training software should: it better equips your officers to serve the community. 

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