Boost Officer Morale & Wellness with Law Enforcement Software

Learn how software helps fight burnout, promote excellent service, and reinforce positive community relationships with law enforcement.

August 24, 2022

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The problem: The effects of low officer morale 

Morale is about more than whether or not someone enjoys their job. Morale is critical to a person’s motivation, diligence, performance, and even overall wellbeing. 

In law enforcement today, declining morale is a serious threat. Police burnout and low morale are causing officers to leave in record numbers. In fact, a survey of 200 departments revealed a “45% increase in the retirement rate and a nearly 20% increase in resignations in 2020-21 compared to the previous year.” 

Law enforcement morale and wellness is important to ensure departments can protect and serve their communities. Law enforcement is already a high-stress job. When officers also experience low morale, it can cause them to question their career choice. They may lose motivation to serve at the high caliber required of officers, threatening their own safety and the safety of their communities. 

The solution: Law enforcement software that boosts officer morale

PowerEngage by PowerDMS uses police-community interaction surveys to not only improve citizen engagement, but also significantly boost police officer morale. This community engagement platform designed for public safety enables agencies to share positive citizen feedback with officers and provide resources to support officer wellness.

Weekly emails 

After certain interactions with an officer, PowerEngage sends citizens satisfaction surveys via text. The law enforcement software then automatically sends weekly emails to officers with positive feedback from the citizens they served.

Positive feedback board 

The system also collects and displays positive citizen feedback in real-time on large screens throughout the department for all to see. Instead of only getting occasional “thank you” letters added to their personnel files, officers receive public recognition for their excellent service and positive interactions. 

Wellness checks and support teams 

PowerEngage can trigger police officer wellness checks after tough calls or traumatic events on the job and signal peer support for law enforcement officers in need. Using CAD and RMS integration, the software can identify the need for wellness support and notify peer supporters, who can schedule a wellness check for the affected officer.

The benefits of a community engagement platform 

Using well-designed law enforcement software to improve officer morale comes with incredible benefits for your department and the community as a whole. PowerEngage automates the whole process, which means your officers receive public commendations, direct praise on a weekly basis, and crucial support after the worst calls without requiring any additional time or staffing.

Boost officer morale and motivation to provide the best service 

PowerEngage gives officers visibility to the positive impact they have in the community. Sharing commendations publicly shows officers they are appreciated and reinforces positive interactions and excellent service from your department. As explained by Police1, “Personnel should receive honors and praise not only when they go above and beyond the call of duty, but also when they work to make a difference … Praise and admiration not only increase morale, but enhance a culture of dedication and service.” 

Provide critical wellness resources  

Some calls are tougher than others. When an officer encounters a particularly traumatic event on the job, the PowerEngage law enforcement software provides immediate access to a library of wellness resources and support from peer volunteers to ensure they receive the help they need.

Increased retention and recruitment

High department morale and positive citizen sentiment are important benefits law enforcement professionals value in their career. Prioritizing these issues will increase officer retention and recruitment efforts to grow your department into a stronger, healthier force that is ready to serve.

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