Byram Mississippi Police Department Case Study

How the Byram Mississippi Police Department avoided a potential federal lawsuit, reduced their liability insurance claims and cut down on overtime training costs. By the Numbers: 33 Sworn Officers, 8 Civilian Staff, MSLEAC Accredited

February 24, 2021

Police Chief Luke Thompson of the Byram Mississippi Police Department has raised the bar in operational excellence within his state. When the Byram PD first opened they focused on creating strong policies focused on civil liability. Once the Byram PD had their policies in place, they sought a document management software system to store the policy manual, training documents, reports and accreditation files all in one location that’s easy to access and navigate. For the Byram PD, the biggest benefits of PowerDMS are its organizational capabilities and ease of use. As long as officers have internet access, they can search for documents or complete training exercises from any location. By having the information they need at their fingertips, the Byram PD officers are better trained and are able to spend more time on the streets serving their community.

When the department adds new policies or updates existing policies, Chief Thompson disseminates the information via PowerDMS, and the officers must electronically sign off in the system, verifying that they've read and understood the changes. With the software, Chief Thompson can generate a quick report showing which officers have signed off and which
need a reminder to complete the task. This method allows Chief Thompson and other supervisors to hold officers accountable regarding knowledge of policies. When recently faced with the possibility of a federal lawsuit, Chief Thompson was able to produce proof of the policy used at the time, proof the employee signed the policy and proof the employee was properly trained on the procedure. This easily accessible documentation protected Chief Thompson and the Byram PD from what could have been a costly settlement or litigation.

Not only was the Byram PD protected from a possible federal lawsuit, but they have some of the lowest liability insurance claims among similar-sized agencies due to their ability to prove their officers are properly trained and are not acting with deliberate indifference.

"As an administrator, it provides an easy method for dissemination of policies and allows the reasonable expectation that employees know and understand their policies. For the employees, they have easy access to up-to-date policies and directives. PowerDMS also provides us with an easy way to maintain accreditation files without the anxiety of having the old manual paper files that can get lost or damaged."


In addition to reducing their liability, PowerDMS has improved training practices and saved the department money that had been previously spent on overtime. The Byram PD has used PowerDMS to set up online courses for easier subjects so it can focus its in-person training on more important, practical lessons, such as firearm training and first aid training. PowerDMS also provides updates on training progress and specialized reports such as firearm qualification histories.

Finally, PowerDMS has improved the accreditation process at Byram PD. By using the software, the department has made the process faster and more efficient, resulting in reduced assessment costs. With PowerDMS, Chief Thompson is able to give the assessment team remote access to files for them to review before the on-site evaluation. This has sped up the process significantly, allowing the process to be cut from three days down to two as well as cutting the number of assessors required from three to two.

Thanks to PowerDMS, the Byram PD operates with more efficiency and accountability. The department has improved policy management, training practices, and the accreditation process. Most importantly, PowerDMS helps protect the Byram PD by keeping everyone informed and equipped with the information and tools they need to do their job correctly.


times-circle-solid Difficult for officers to quickly and easily find the information they need
times-circle-solid Time spent pulling officers off the streets and on overtime for simple mandatory training classes
times-circle-solid Three different systems for managing policies, training and accreditation
times-circle-solid Paper-based accreditation files were expensive and time consuming to build


check-2x One central online repository that can be accessed from anywhere with internet access
check-2x Conduct easier training classes online, so officers can remain on the streets protecting the public
check-2x Electronic file management means a one stop shop for all records (policy, training and accreditation)
check-2x Electronic accreditation management reduced paper costs, onsite costs and the time it took to obtain accreditation


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