Customize Training to Support Continuous Officer Advancement

Discover how law enforcement training management software saves resources and improves retention by supporting career advancement for officers.

August 24, 2022

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The problem: Lack of advancement training beyond the recruit

Today, law enforcement agencies and their officers face higher expectations – and greater backlash – than ever before. Effective training is an important tool to help police departments combat public scrutiny, but beyond the law enforcement field training program, most departments can’t easily customize training to help officers continuously advance in their careers.

With more and more police departments facing staffing issues, there isn’t enough time or resources to spend on advanced professional development for police officers. Further complicating the issue, many agencies still use outdated methods to track training, making it difficult to get a clear view of which individuals could benefit from further skill development. 

Departments’ limited ability to offer advancement training not only risks officers falling behind the latest public safety procedure, tactics, and trends. It also delays the development of trailblazing career skills for individuals in your agency that could position you to better support your community. 

The solution: Law enforcement training management software

PowerDMS’ law enforcement training software, PowerFTO, lets law enforcement agencies develop custom advancement training programs based on your specific needs. While PowerFTO helps you keep officers compliant with the latest industry training, it also equips you with the tools you need to offer continuous probationary professional development for officers. 

Customize training to fit your needs

PowerFTO is highly customizable police training software, allowing you to adapt the software to maintain alignment with your preferred processes and training models. With PowerFTO, you can go beyond new police field training. The system enables you to develop probationary training programs for law enforcement professionals at all levels, and even automate training programs to reduce the need for manual support throughout. Plus, you can create your own agency-specific goals and measurements for success directly in the system to ensure they meet department standards. 

Centralize all department training

PowerFTO eliminates scattered paper resources and centralizes all police department training in a single, cloud-based location. This means staff can access their training programs from any device, at any time. The advancement training and law enforcement FTO software also streamlines communication across the agency by assigning tasks for trainees and trainers to complete, sending automated notifications about task deadlines, and informing relevant staff of training updates. 

In addition, PowerDMS’s police FTO software lets you easily track training progress and assess both individual staff and department needs. With robust data and reports, you can make informed decisions and provide targeted professional development for law enforcement to advance and succeed in your agency. 

The benefits of police training software

The PowerFTO law enforcement training management software helps agencies meet the expectations of modern officer training and sets officers up for continued success beyond recruitment. And it doesn’t drain your valuable resources in the process. PowerFTO’s law enforcement training software gives you tools to easily develop customized training programs without requiring additional staff, time, or budgets to implement them. 

Furthermore, the availability of continued training to advance their careers energizes and motivates your personnel to excel in the field and stay at your department. Police training software gives you an easy way to ensure officers’ skills and knowledge stay sharp so they can be relied upon to perform effectively. And with more professional advancement training opportunities, officers will feel more supported by your agency and will want to stay and advance their careers.

Finally, PowerFTO helps reduce liability issues with data tracking and reporting features to identify underperforming and under-trained officers. By keeping officers compliant and up-to-date on essential law enforcement training, you can mitigate risk for your department and provide enhanced public safety services to your community. 

Ready to learn more?

PowerDMS’s police FTO software provides everything you need to develop effective training programs for officer advancement beyond the recruit. Schedule a free demo to learn more about the benefits of PowerFTO.

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