How can PowerDMS help our agency beyond policy and accreditation management?

Many agencies think we only do policy and accreditation, but the PowerDMS platform gives you control over a variety of content types

January 27, 2021

Many agencies think we only do policy and accreditation, but the PowerDMS platform gives you control over a variety of content types: daily briefs, memos, maps and floorplans, training videos, checklists, contracts, surveys, certificates, and more.

We support the most common file types as well: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, images, videos, and audio. Thanks to our integration with Google Drive and OneDrive, you can upload from and edit documents within those tools (Docs, Sheets, etc.).

Many of our innovative customers have driven further value from PowerDMS by finding ways to manage FTOs, forms, subpoenas, and more. But our bread and butter is policy, accreditation, and training.

With these core features you can centralize, organize, and control all the important documents needed for policy and accreditation management.

  • Map policies to standards for easier assessment planning
  • Disseminate policies and track read receipts and E-signatures
  • Collaborate with key stakeholders via workflows and smart editing
  • Maintain a single published version of each policy and auto-archive past versions
  • Create custom tests and courses to train employees on procedures and processes

This and much more is possible with PowerDMS, but to expand the utility of our software even further, we have integrated with partners like Lexipol, LEFTA Systems, Guardian Tracking, Agency 360, and Envisage Technologies.

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Customer Testimonial

Learn what type of content Sean Lovejoy, Quality Assurance Manager with Memphis Police Communications, stores and manages in PowerDMS.


Can I track and manage certifications and qualifications?

Yes. It’s easy to upload or create any certificate, license, or qualification. You can assign them to an employee and schedule how frequently they need to be renewed. That way you always know what’s coming up, overdue, or finished.

How does PowerDMS manage employee evaluations?

You can save forms as templates so they’re easy to access, fill out, and distribute to employees. Once employees sign the evaluation, it’s automatically saved to their employee profile.

Can PowerDMS help manage our FTO and daily observation reports?

PowerDMS can be used to accomplish the basics of an FTO program, but we integrate and partner with LEFTA systems, so you can take advantage of their best-in-class FTO software. Read this case study to learn how Yuma PD in Arizona used PowerDMS to manage their FTO program.

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