Improve Officer Wellness with a Law Enforcement App for Wellbeing

Learn how the PowerLine public safety app supports law enforcement wellness to ensure officers sustain long and productive careers.

August 24, 2022

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The problem: Inadequate wellness resources for law enforcement

Law enforcement professionals put themselves at risk for the good of their communities every day, but their service can also come at a personal cost: their wellbeing. Supporting law enforcement wellness is vital, but it remains one of the biggest challenges departments face today.

The Law Enforcement Mental Health and Wellness Act, signed into law in January 2018, recognizes that agencies deserve support in their efforts to protect officer wellbeing. The law describes access to health and wellness resources for law enforcement as a crucial element for officers to sustain long and productive careers. 

Inadequate wellness support can pose serious risks to officers’ wellbeing and career longevity. At best, productivity drops and absences due to illness rise. At worst, agencies see an increase in burnout and stress, turnover, and even officer suicide. 

But providing targeted and thoughtful support that law enforcement professionals will use is challenging. Many believe they’ll risk judgment or career consequences if they ask for help, and others don’t feel anyone can relate to the unique challenges of working in law enforcement. 

The solution: PowerLine law enforcement app for wellbeing

The best wellness apps can effectively support officers by breaking down common barriers that keep them from getting support. PowerLine by PowerDMS is a one-stop app made specifically to support law enforcement wellbeing. Built with input from active and retired law enforcement professionals, PowerLine gives individuals across all ranks in your agency access to anonymous support in the palm of their hand. 

Full library of wellbeing content

PowerLine provides 24/7 access to a complete library of wellbeing content, including videos, articles, and audio to support officer wellbeing. Access and activity is completely anonymous and all user conversations are deleted immediately. This ensures individuals can confidently access support, knowing they aren’t being watched or scrutinized. 

Nationwide network of volunteer peers

One challenge in law enforcement wellness is that officers want to talk with peers who understand what they’ve been through. PowerLine provides a nationwide network of peer volunteers with similar experience in the industry. This ensures that, when needed, officers can anonymously talk to someone who understands their challenges firsthand. 

The law enforcement app matches officers with peer volunteers based on rank, experience level, and their department’s volume of high-impact crime. Officers can connect individually or participate in topic-driven group sessions with the assurance of complete anonymity. 

Incorporation of established agency resources

PowerLine incorporates your department’s already-established wellness resources so you can provide comprehensive wellness programs for law enforcement officers in your agency. Officers can access contact information for local therapists, clergy, and other established services in one convenient location.  

The benefits of complete wellness solutions for your department

Resources to support law enforcement wellness benefit your entire agency. They help improve officer morale, which contributes to happier, more productive officers and drives long-term career success. 

Law enforcement professionals are part of a nationwide community, yet they often feel isolated when it comes to getting the wellness support they need. Giving your officers the opportunity to connect with peer volunteers outside the agency lets them know they’re not alone. And making these connections allows them to get support without concerns about judgment or potential career consequences. 

PowerLine provides comprehensive wellbeing support for law enforcement to ensure they remain healthy and high-functioning professionals – benefiting your agency and the community you serve.

Learn more about our public safety app 

Supporting law enforcement wellness is a significant challenge, but the PowerLine app for officer wellbeing can help your officers sustain long, healthy careers. 

Schedule a demo to learn more about PowerLine’s unique features and the benefits it will bring to your department.

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