Keep Citizens Informed & Engaged with Public Safety Software

Engage citizens with public safety software that keeps citizens informed and builds goodwill between your department and the community.

August 24, 2022

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The problem: Manual community outreach

Proactive community engagement and real-time communication is critical for your department.

People today have much higher expectations for in-the-moment communication due to conveniences like rideshare GPS tracking, informed delivery from the post office, and even pizza delivery apps that send step-by-step updates. When public safety software doesn’t have the same high level of proactive communication, citizens can get frustrated and feel ignored by your department, negatively impacting your relationship with the community. 

Most police community outreach methods require excessive manual effort and staffing. Without automated community engagement software, understaffed agencies struggle to keep up with the follow-up, information sharing, and communication that citizens expect. 

The solution: Public safety software to engage citizens

The right police community engagement programs should eliminate manual, time-consuming communication procedures. PowerEngage by PowerDMS is a powerful community engagement software for law enforcement that automates your connection to citizens. It drives more direct communication and improves citizen satisfaction, even during stressful situations. 

Automated communication and police citizen surveys 

The PowerEngage community engagement software sends citizens step-by-step updates via text. The automated dispatch text messages include notifications of response delays, pre-arrival information, case number assignment, case investigation status, and more. This ensures citizens stay informed through every step of their call or case. Plus, satisfied citizens can say “thank you” and provide feedback about their interactions with officers through a police citizen survey that is automatically sent based on CAD and RMS data. And to top it off, your department doesn’t need any additional resources to implement this proactive communication and show citizens you care.

Keep the public informed 

PowerEngage also includes a free press kit and social media guide that gives your department a template to quickly prepare media announcements. This useful resource allows you to efficiently share important information with citizens and reinforce your police community engagement program with the public.

The benefits of automated community engagement 

Community engagement done well should inform citizens and build goodwill with your department. When law enforcement engages with the community, citizens have a more positive and trusting relationship with local law enforcement.

You’ll also save time by eliminating manual processes with automated community engagement software for law enforcement. PowerEngage lets you interact more directly with citizens without requiring any additional time or resources to manage communications. 

Learn more about how to improve citizen engagement

Ready to improve community engagement with your department and keep your citizens informed with less manual effort?

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