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Learn how software helps fight burnout, promote excellent service, and reinforce positive community relationships with law enforcement.

August 24, 2022

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The problem: Low recruitment and retention in law enforcement 

Officer recruitment is in crisis. After large waves of retirements and resignations in the last two years, departments nationwide are understaffed and in desperate need of quality candidates to fill those vacancies. 

NPR reported “new police hiring has dropped 5%” overall from 2020 to 2021. While several factors influence police officer recruitment and hiring, the negative national perception of law enforcement has made the biggest mark on local police departments in recent years. The resulting low morale is driving more police officers to retire early and preventing new candidates from joining the force. 

Understaffing means agencies have less time to build an effective workforce and cultivate an attractive work environment for potential recruits. In an article by Minnesota Public Radio, Chief Medaria Arradondo explained, “officers mostly respond to 911 calls instead of doing … proactive policing.” The absence of proactive policing and community engagement damages relationships with the local community. This fuels the negative perception that keeps applicants away from a career in law enforcement and leaves departments wondering how to recruit officers in today’s world.  

The solution: A candidate engagement platform for law enforcement 

PowerEngage by PowerDMS is a law enforcement software solution that helps bolster police officer recruitment for your department. Not only does it provide a convenient way for candidates to engage with your recruiters, but it also enhances the culture of your department to attract top recruits.

Modern law enforcement recruiting software 

The law enforcement hiring process takes a long time and a lot of effort. Recruits must perform rigorous physical and written tests, pass intricate background checks and psych evaluations, and complete several formal interviews. Each of these elements takes a significant amount of time to schedule and complete. During that time, recruits may languish and find another option that’s more exciting and immediate. How can you keep that fire burning? 

With the PowerEngage candidate engagement platform, recruits can scan a QR code and immediately engage with a chat that notifies a recruiter and starts a conversation. Candidates stay active and interested throughout the application process.

Prioritize officer morale with positive feedback 

PowerEngage collects citizen interaction surveys and aggregates all the positive feedback about your officers. Officers receive those accolades through the software with automatic weekly emails. Positive feedback is also shared in real-time on large screens throughout the department, celebrating your officers with public commendations.

The benefits of police software in recruiting and retention 

Fully staffing your department with high-caliber officers is crucial to protecting and serving your community. Law enforcement software like PowerEngage enables you to attract top candidates with a convenient way to connect with a recruiter, a culture that cares about officer morale, and a proven positive relationship with the local community.

Improve candidate communication 

Tech-savvy candidates feel more comfortable engaging with a recruiter through chat rather than by phone or email. They are more likely to show interest and apply if they have a quick and easy way to connect with a recruiter digitally. With a convenient avenue for communication and engagement, recruits are less likely to drop out of the lengthy application process.

Become the department of choice 

Regular positive feedback shared directly and publicly shows officers they are appreciated and making a difference in their community. Investing in police software that boosts officer morale shows candidates you care about their well-being and makes you an employer of choice for recruits and lateral applicants.

Find out more about officer engagement that works 

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