Meet PowerLine, the all-new wellness app built for law enforcement

PowerDMS by NEOGOV is excited to officially announce the launch of PowerLine, the complete mental wellness app for law enforcement!

August 24, 2022

PowerDMS by NEOGOV is excited to officially announce the launch of PowerLine, the complete mental wellness app for law enforcement! 

With 24/7 anonymous access to comprehensive support, a nationwide network of volunteer peers, and easy integration with existing department wellness resources, PowerLine is your new wellness solution. 

Law enforcement officers constantly put themselves in harm’s way for the greater good of their communities, and this sacrifice can come at a personal cost. Statistics shared by The National Alliance on Mental Illness reveal police officers face significantly higher rates of depression, PTSD, burnout, and anxiety-related conditions when compared to the general population. The challenges they confront deserve targeted support. 

Across the nation, over 150 police officers were lost to suicide last year. A devastating statistic. Officers constantly put themselves at risk to protect others, but who's protecting them from the stresses of the job? 

PowerLine is here to help.

Despite data demonstrating a clear need for adequate resources, providing the right support and getting officers to utilize it remains a significant challenge for many law enforcement agencies. To complicate things further, many agencies are facing staffing shortages, leaving officers overworked and more susceptible to burnout. The right mental wellness support is more important than ever. 

There are many barriers preventing police officer wellness programs from being successful: scattered resources with little to no guidance on how to use them, the negative stigma surrounding seeking support, and officers fearing they’ll face career consequences. With PowerLine, there’s a better way.

PowerLine directly addresses law enforcement needs because it was built by law enforcement. Beta tested with over 2,100 officers, every feature in PowerLine received significant input directly from law enforcement professionals. It’s designed with the individual in mind, with features that maximize benefits.  

“PowerLine has the ability to serve as a powerful resource for officers, in helping them realize that they are not alone in their struggles,” said Sergeant Erik Welling, who spearheads the Wellness Unit for the Toledo (OH) Police Department. “The app gives officers an anonymous avenue to read articles, listen to podcasts, and watch videos that relate to specific areas of need. The officer can then reach out through the app to national and local resources.”


“PowerLine has the ability to serve as a powerful resource for officers, in helping them realize that they are not alone in their struggles.”

-Sergeant Erik Welling


What makes PowerLine the most effective choice?

Complete anonymity

Stigma, potential career consequences, and fear of public disclosure all deter officers from utilizing support. PowerLine is built for the individual, and offers complete anonymity. Individuals across all ranks in your agency get 24/7 anonymous and confidential access to a complete set of mental wellness resources. All searches, viewed content, messages, conversations, and group sessions are completely anonymous. Personal information is never reported back to the department and all user data is immediately deleted after access. 

Nationwide network of volunteer peers

Law enforcement professionals want to connect with peers who understand the same challenges. PowerLine provides anonymous access to a nationwide network of volunteer peers and matches individuals based on rank, experience level, and the department's volume of high-impact crimes. App users can attend scheduled, topic-driven group sessions or meet individually. 

Resources built for law enforcement

Support is only effective if it addresses real day-to-day challenges. PowerLine’s comprehensive content library is built for law enforcement, with input from law enforcement. Individuals can access audio, video, and article resources based on specific challenges they face and know they’re built by those with experience in the field. PowerLine also gives agencies the opportunity to include direct, in-app access to local peer support, clergy, vetted therapists, and other services your department has already established.

Identify department needs

How do you provide effective support if you don’t know what areas to target? PowerLine’s department dashboard anonymously tracks downloads, logins, feature usage, and engagement in the app. Users can rate each resource and scores are presented transparently in the dashboard. With detailed data reports, leadership can get a clear understanding of wellness needs and provide targeted support.

PowerLine centralizes your agency’s wellness resources and provides a complete wellness program. It’s a unique modern solution designed to effectively help officers sustain long and productive careers, reduce burnout, prevent suicide, and assist your agency in operating at the highest level. 

At PowerDMS, we’ve been providing solutions for law enforcement agencies across the country for over 20 years. We couldn’t be prouder or more excited about PowerLine and the benefits it will bring individuals and your agency today

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