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March 29, 2021

Numbers at a glance: 210 Employees, 92 Officers, 2 Campuses, 50,000 Students, IACLEA Accreditation

Shana Mell, Accreditation & Compliance Manager at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Police Department, has nearly 10 years of experience achieving accreditation for multiple law enforcement agencies. Before diving into the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA) accreditation self-assessment for the first time, she made an important request. Shana asked her leadership if she could manage the process electronically using PowerDMS—something she had done in the past.

After learning about PowerDMS and its ability to streamline their accreditation process, the Chief was on board and Shana quickly got to work. VCU Police Department successfully completed their self and on-site assessments using PowerDMS as their paperless file building system. The results were a streamlined, efficient process that saved their agency time, money and resources. And made Shana a very happy accreditation manager.

"I was thrilled when IACLEA partnered with PowerDMS, offering agencies the ability to do an electronic assessment. PowerDMS gives you tools to be a more efficient accreditation manager. From the second you log in, you immediately know what you need to work on or what can wait until later. PowerDMS works exactly how we need it to—it was made for this. Everything about PowerDMS was designed to meet the needs of an accreditation manager. I can't say enough good things about it. If you have the option to do your assessment electronically—saving time and money—why wouldn't you?"

VCU-Shana-Mell-Accreditation-Compliance-Manager Shana Mell
Accreditation Manager
VCU Police Department

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