Update Your Schedule Management Process with Police Scheduling Software

Learn how law enforcement scheduling software solves staffing problems caused by manual processes, including over-scheduling and wasted time.

August 24, 2022

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The problem: Outdated, manual scheduling

A consistent problem police departments face is managing their schedules. Public safety scheduling has a lot of moving parts, and traditional scheduling software doesn't always meet those needs. That’s why many agencies use paper-based systems and spreadsheets for schedule management, but these outdated, manual scheduling processes are inefficient and cumbersome. 

Supervisors have to manually check for gaps to ensure minimum law enforcement staffing requirements, and to calculate each staff member's hours to prevent over-scheduling or overtime. Trying to manage complex police department schedules with a spreadsheet or a bulletin board can easily lead to errors, conflicts, and inefficiencies. Most importantly, manual schedules are prone to mistakes that leave your organization vulnerable and can affect your department's ability to operate effectively and serve the community.

The solution: Law enforcement scheduling software

PowerTime, the law enforcement scheduling software by PowerDMS, streamlines and automates police department schedule management to ensure your staffing needs are always met. With functionality that accounts for 24/7 coverage and rotating shifts, plus the ability to enter your minimum staffing requirements, PowerTime was made specifically to meet the complex needs of law enforcement scheduling. 

The system automatically calculates staff hours and warns you when personnel are over-scheduled. You'll also be notified about open shifts that need to be filled based on your department's staffing rules. This ensures you can fill them quickly with officers who have time available in their schedules while reducing overtime work. 

Furthermore, the PowerTime sheriff and police scheduling software gives your staff 24/7 access to view their schedules in real-time, at any time, from any digital device. Supervisors can digitally edit schedules, and officers can even swap and pick up available shifts in the system. Certain positions, like Narcotics, can be allowed to self-schedule and manage their own work schedules, simplifying the work of your department supervisors.

The benefits of automated scheduling

PowerDMS’s personnel scheduling software helps your department handle the unique scheduling challenges that you regularly face. PowerTime ensures your department is properly staffed every day, while reducing officer burnout from police staffing shortages and over-scheduling. 

This streamlined, automated scheduling system reduces manual effort and minimizes the errors and miscommunications that come with manual scheduling. With PowerTime, your department will save time on once-laborious tasks like calculating shift hours, checking schedules to ensure they meet departmental requirements, and trying to fill open shifts through back-and-forth emails. 

Since the PowerTime law enforcement scheduling software lets officers easily check and manage their schedules 24/7, there’s never any confusion or miscommunication about shifts. Plus, visibility to the entire department’s schedules in one centralized system helps you manage your overtime budget by avoiding piling more hours on officers who are already working extra shifts. This benefits officer safety by giving them balanced schedules to reduce burnout – and ultimately supports better public safety services to your community. 

Ready to learn more?

Automated sheriff and police scheduling software can help your department save time and money, reduce errors, and improve your policing services in your community. To learn more about how PowerTime can improve your schedule management process, schedule a free demo on our website.

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