Reduce Burnout in Law Enforcement with a Mental Wellness App

Learn how mental wellness apps can help combat the stresses of modern policing and decrease burnout in law enforcement.

August 24, 2022

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The problem: Fighting burnout in law enforcement 

Police retention and mental health in law enforcement are serious issues across the nation. Officers today face increased public scrutiny, calls for reform, and low morale due to staffing shortages and negative media. In response, burnout in law enforcement is on the rise, and resources to support law enforcement mental health have become even more critical. 

A 2021 workforce special report by the Police Executive Research Forum revealed a 45% increase in law enforcement retirements, a 20% increase in resignations, and a 40% decrease in applicants. The consequences of these staffing challenges are far-reaching. Officers who remain are burdened with a heavier workload and become more susceptible to physical and mental stresses. As a result, agencies are watching low morale spread, making it harder to recruit and retain officers. It’s a vicious cycle that negatively affects officers, agencies, and the communities they serve. 

To combat the stresses that lead to burnout in law enforcement, agencies need dedicated resources to support police officer mental health. Ongoing support for officers helps them avoid negative incidents, personal crises, and burnout. But many agencies either don’t have sufficient resources or can’t properly communicate what’s available to staff. Additionally, many officers are reluctant to use department-offered wellness resources due to potential judgment or career consequences, making it even more difficult to ensure they get the help they need.

The solution: Officer mental wellness apps

Mental wellness apps can help agencies overcome obstacles associated with law enforcement mental health. PowerLine by PowerDMS is a one-stop wellness app – designed by officers, for officers – that offers comprehensive support for the unique challenges facing law enforcement. 

Volunteer peer network

PowerLine gives law enforcement professionals anonymous access to a nationwide network of volunteer peers they can talk to for support. The app matches officers in your agency with peers across the country based on rank, experience level, and the department’s volume of high-impact crimes. Individuals of every rank can connect with peers outside of their agencies, participate in topic-driven virtual group sessions, and communicate with peers who understand the same challenges. 

Comprehensive library of wellness content

PowerLine provides 24/7 access to a complete library of wellness content. Individuals can access videos, articles, and audio content specifically built to help them address their personal and professional challenges. Resources are available to officers at any time, and PowerLine also allows agencies to upload any existing local wellness resources directly into the app. 

Complete anonymity and confidentiality

With true anonymity, PowerLine breaks down traditional barriers that have prevented officers from seeking support. Officers who use PowerLine can feel secure knowing their in-app activity isn’t being reported or watched by the department or any third party. User conversations and browsing histories are immediately deleted after access so individuals can receive the support they need without the possibility of being reported to a superior. 

The benefits of a mental wellness app 

PowerLine helps your agency avoid burnout in law enforcement by supporting police officer mental health. Officers can connect with peers to feel heard and understood by others who have faced the same challenges and struggles. Plus, they can access recommended resources at any time to get the support they need. 

As one of the best apps for law enforcement, PowerLine ensures individuals remain completely anonymous. Officers feel secure knowing they aren’t being watched, which motivates them to get essential help before they’re in crisis. And with better access to – and use of – comprehensive support, your officers are much less likely to experience burnout and leave the department. 

Schedule a demo to learn more about PowerLine’s features and the powerful law enforcement retention and wellness benefits it will bring to your agency.

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