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PowerDMS is a workforce management platform designed to equip, protect, and retain your 9-1-1 employees across their careers in emergency communications. Our suite of products benefit you, your staff, and your center in several ways.

  • Ensure you’re staffed with the right people: quality, quantity, availability
  • Improve scheduling communications and visibility across the center
  • Train your staff for each career stage: recruit, call-taker, dispatcher, CTO
  • Improve staff morale and mental wellness
  • Manage policies 4x faster and maintain accreditation in 50% less time
  • Build a high-performing team that stays out of the news

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PowerDMS products were designed to meet the needs and challenges of first responders like you.
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Boost morale with positive feedback from citizens, measure citizen satisfaction with auto text surveys, and automate manual callbacks.


Coming soon. Provide staff with 24/7 access to an anonymous, peer-to-peer network and wellness resources like group sessions. 


Replace paper processes with digital scheduling. Improve center-wide scheduling visibility and comms with automated messaging.


Standardize, track, and automate your training and onboarding processes. Easily track, measure, and evaluate staff performance.


Create, distribute, and track policies from a secure, central repository. Maintain version control, and update policies with auto workflows.


Map proofs of compliance to standards manuals. Be auto notified of all impacted policies when new standards are published.

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