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Streamline how you manage, distribute, & track critical information.

PowerDMS is the best way for you to manage and share crucial content like policy changes, school maps, BOLOs, and more.

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Representatives from the Baltimore Police Department share how PowerDMS has helped drive real accountability and keep officers safe.

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Protect Lives, Your Community, and Your Reputation

Policies, procedures, and training form the playbook for protecting lives and preserving the reputation and resources of your agency. Make that crucial content immediately available to officers with PowerDMS.

  • Streamline how you host, edit, and distribute your policy and training content
  • Quickly find the most current version of any document in a matter of seconds
  • 24/7 access from any laptop, tablet, or mobile phone
  • Secure, web-based solution means no more flipping through binders or keeping paper copies up to date

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Drive Real Accountability With Electronic Signature Tracking

In today’s environment, police departments are being scrutinized like never before. Give yourself peace of mind by being able to quickly and confidently provide the current policy, a copy of the officer’s signature, and proof the officer was properly trained..

  • Electronically track who has read and signed each policy revision
  • Reduce liability by proving officers have read, been trained, and can access department policies
  • Trust your officers are always looking at the most up-to-date information
  • Built-in reports and dashboards means no more sign-off sheets at roll call

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How Does Your Agency Stack Up?

Compare your policy and training practices to those of hundreds of agencies across the country.

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Ensure Officers Are Ready to Respond

You want your officers to respond in the right way every time. Give them the tools and training to handle every situation by the book, no matter the circumstances. Save time and reduce errors by keeping track of all your training records in one secure location.

  • Deliver your training videos and PowerPoint presentations online
  • Link your policies and training content from a single system
  • Save on overtime by reducing the number of in-person training hours
  • Create tests and quizzes to ensure officers know and understand policies and procedures

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Reduce the Cost and Complexity of Paper

Paper processes are time-consuming and expensive. Stop trying to keep paper binders and accreditation files up to date, and move to a modern, cloud-based solution that saves you time and money.

  • The average PowerDMS customer saves about $11K in paper costs alone
  • Save time and hassle by hosting, editing, and distributing your content in one, common system
  • Turnkey solution allows you to move into the cloud with little to no IT support
  • Cut accreditation prep time by as much as 50%

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